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Haredim Upset About Festival in Neighborhood They Moved in to

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Here is an example of the problem with a neighborhood that is "mitchared" - i.e. when a haredi community starts buying houses in a secular neighborhood and little by little starts moving in and changing the character of the neighborhood.
While everyone has the right to buy anywhere and live wherever they want, one should not buy a home next to, say, an airport and then complain about the noise and traffic. A person should not buy a house next to a shopping center and complain about the dirt, noise, and traffic. A person should not buy a house in a Muslim neighborhood and complain about the mosques or the loud wedding celebrations. and on and on. If you move in on someone else's lifestyle, you have to deal with what they do as well.
In Ashdod the Haredim of Rova Vav neighborhood are upset. The neighborhood has been undergoing "haredization" in the past few years, as Haredi families have been buying homes in that secular neighborhood and moving in. Now hundreds of Haredi families live there among the secular.
The neighborhood will be hosting a hip hop festival this week. Not even on Shabbos - just three days mid-week, from May 28 through May 30.
The Haredi neighbors are upset, calling this a "Pritzus Festival". They are upset that this festival will harm their education and our children and those of us living nearby will have to close the trissim, the blinds, to avoid hearing the abominable sounds and will be prevented from walking in the streets. They call for the festival to be cancelled due to how it will affect their sensibilities and ability to live their lives the way they want.
source: Kikar
So, a few hundred families move into a secular neighborhood, and are not yet even a majority, but insist the local secular, who have been there far longer than them, change their lifestyle to accommodate.
A little humility, and patience, would not hurt. This is why in so many places mayors are refusing to build large housing projects for the Haredi community - because they come in and insist on everyone around them changing for them. Perhaps they should also consider the live and let live approach and wait it out quietly, at least until they take over almost the entire neighborhood.
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