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Happy New Year 2016 To Everyone Wherever You Are

By Benjaminkanarek @bkanarekblog


Just a short one…2015 has been a real emotional roller coaster ride and to be honest, I would have preferred a walk in the park. But the one thing I did realize is that under duress, people often show some of their most valorous aspects of there persona and for that I am truly grateful.  I am truly hoping that 2016 brings us closer to some important goals. That is to say, reduction of pollution in this already overly polluted planet. A resolution to the insanity happening in the middle east. The easing of tensions between the major powers that be, i.e. Russia, USA, China and Europe.


The reduction of bellicose chest thumping from some of the powers that be wanting even greater powers to control and dominate regionally. All of the powers that be, need to take a small step back and observe the overall affect of their actions and come to the realisation that we are all irrevocably connected and as thus, harm done to one eventually filters down in one form or another to all of us. I know that sounds rather naive, but my childlike vision of how things could be is all that I have. Nonetheless, here from my heart of hearts, I wish you all a better year than last and wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Joyous 2016.





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