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Happy Fathers Day to the One I Love! It is Only a Love Story.

By Expatdoctormom1 @ExpatDoctorMom

Happy Fathers Day to the One I Love!  It is Only a Love Story.It is father’s day and this is a special post for a special man. Yes, my father was a special man but this post is not about him.  This one goes out to my husband, Kerry and to the “Super Dad” that he is.

I love the story behind the person and have often wanted to write a book called “The Story Behind the Faces” about various amazing people I have met and their story.  Not the really well known people but the little guys who have made a difference.   I wanted to include lovely black and white photos of these people’s faces.   If you use this and make a bundle please remember me.

It is only a love story.

I will start this story with our “love” story.   I think it’s pretty sweet.  In 1997, I moved to Seattle for my first clinical job.  In December of 1997 Kerry moved to Seattle (via New Zealand, via Breckenridge, via London via Qatar, via Vietnam).  My husband has worked all over the world.

I was friends with many of Kerry’s soon to be colleagues.  We spent every weekend together this dozen or so friends who I met playing flag football.  The first time I met Kerry was on the playing field.  It was a brief meeting as I whizzed onto the playing field driving record speeds to arrive in time after delivering a baby.  I also left promptly after the game to go back and check on mom and baby.

Not too long after this first meeting, I remember organizing a weekend filled with events when a friend was visiting and how “the new guy” came to every event I planned.  Hmmm, I didn’t get it then.  Then Kerry started calling me every day for brief chats.  I looked forward to them; it was the voice and that accent that I could listen to for hours.  But, I still didn’t get it.

Kerry and I were slated to go on a group ski trip that got cancelled last minute.  He suggested we go on our own.  I got a little nervous and opened the trip up to all of our friends.  We acquired a third party who unbeknownst to me had a crush on me.  I look back and think it is funny but was oblivious to it all then.

On our third run of the day, Kerry and I got caught in a “white out” on the top of Blackcomb Mountain on the saddle run.  Needless to say we were doing fairly well negotiating our way down until I took a bad bump and heard the classic pop that signifies your ACL has been torn.  As we sat on the mountain waiting for ski patrol, it suddenly became clear to me that there was chemistry between us.  This is where we shared our first kiss.

Two years later, it was on this same mountain that he proposed.  He couldn’t’ get me back in “the Saddle” so to speak that day as it was near white out conditions that day too.  In fact, the conditions were making me so anxious that I was going call it a day at lunch time. But the proposal got my groove back and I finished out the day skiing with a smile! That was 11 years ago.  Now onto Kerry’s story and why in my eyes he is a true “Super Dad”.

Super Dad qualities.

Kerry is ½ Irish, ½ Scottish born in New Zealand. And yes, he does wear a kilt, very well I must say.

Long before being a minimalist was fashionable; my husband was a true minimalist.  No disrespect intended to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.  He could travel the world in one small duffle bag and by habit still does. His worldly possessions pretty much fit in a couple suitcases.

When our son was born, he did every breastfeed with me for two weeks.  Heeding the lactation consultant’s advice, he kept me hydrated and fed while I breastfed. I recall one day just being shattered from sleep deprivation and called him crying.  Our son would eat, vomit cry all day long.  He had terrible reflux.  He was milk and soy intolerant which made me milk and soy free.  The dishes were piled up, and the only bread I could eat (spelt) had gone bad so I couldn’t make a quick sandwich. I hadn’t showered or slept.  Kerry jumped in a cab and was home lickety split.  It was a saving grace.

He gets up early to work out sometimes as early as 4 am so he doesn’t miss time with the kids in the evening.  When he is home, he changes and then is full on with the kids.  He is tireless it seems.

He is the one the kids rough house with.  I have offered a few times and the kids say “Daddy does it better.” I enjoy watching the creativity he brings in teaching our kids.  Like the letter game he made up with our daughter in the bath when she was 2.  He would hold up a foam letter and ask her what letter it was.  Then he would alternate throwing the letter to her or trying to make it stick to the wall.  It was as entertaining for me to watch as it was for them to play.

He has been my constant cheerleader in all my endeavors even in this website.  And somehow, I think that he should be the one with the blog as he is a true writer.  Anyone who has gotten our Christmas newsletter, not your typical brag letter but just about the funniest piece you can read,  can attest.

I can see how he has risen to where he is; taking it all in without being reactive.  Difficult I think in the part of the world we are living in where “thinking outside of the box” is not an option.
So here is to you my darling Kerry and the “Super Dad” you are!  And to all the super dads out there: Happy Father’s Day!”


What makes your father or husband a “Super Dad”?  Or if you are the father when do you feel like a super dad?

Photo by Lydia Shaw. You can find her at  In the photo my husband, Kerry and our son at age 4.

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