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Happy Birthday Chloe! If I Had All the Money in the World…..

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

Chloe is my best friend. She’s the girl who mops up my vomit and cleans my hair after I’ve had too much to drink. She’s the girl who worries about me when I’ve not been acting quite like myself. She’s the girl who invites me around for dinner and feeds me when I’ve spent all my money in Ibiza. If you don’t have someone like this, then you don’t have a Chloe.

Today is Chloe’s birthday, and I was just thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing if I had a millionaire’s bank account, so I could treat her to all the things that she deserves?

Chloe knows more than anyone that I have a weakness for luxury and a tendency to spend money that I don’t have.  It’s a well-known disease (overspendicitis) but I plan on beating the symptoms by the end of this year.  So it seems that these days, I’m always a little strapped for cash.  But one can always daydream. And in my daydream, I have collated my top 5 imaginary gifts for my best friend; the perfect travel itinerary. 

If I had all the money in world…..

1. I would send Chloe off to Redang Island on Malaysia


Chloe and I have talked about returning to Malaysia for many years now, and it’s one of those things we still haven’t got round to doing. If I was a millionaire, we would have ticked that box long ago!

2. Buy Chloe a luxury chalet on Vancouver Island


Chloe and her slipper-wearing other half spent their honeymoon here and I know how much they loved it.  A gorgeous cabin would be the perfect holiday home for a tired man and wife (they have a baby and a hyperactive dog, so they really are tired).

3. Treat Chloe to a meal at the Jamavar Restaurant in Mumbai



This girls loves a good takeaway and if there was a takeaway scoreboard, curry would take the lead.  Jamavar is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai, so if anyone wants to send us over there for free, please do get in touch. 

4. Send the whole family to Lapland for Christmas


Big kids, little kids, and even slipper-wearing old men like Mike (Chloe’s husband) would love it at Lapland. If only I had enough pennies to send the whole family off to this amazing festive wonderland for the winter. 

5. Take Chloe to Dublin to see Take That



Take That have set their UK tour dates for 2012 and Dublin would probably be the best place for an extended girly break (with lots of vodka).  They’re not my cup of tea but if I had money to burn, I’d take Chloe because she worships them so much.  And Dublin’s got plenty of Guinness, so I’d be a happy bunny.

Happy birthday, Chloe!  Sorry these gifts are only imaginary, but they say it’s the thought that counts. xxx

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