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Hansel & Gretel Rantorial - WCW Financial Mentality - Superhero Supersoldier Ambivalence

Posted on the 27 June 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Hansel & Gretel rantorial - WCW financial mentality - Superhero Supersoldier ambivalenceOkay, there've always been super-arrogant, super-violent super-nonsense American comics like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Incredible Hulk etc. and this post's gonna pop in and out of context for no good reason, but..
... (since the Globally Broadcast 9/11 Event of September 2001) there's been a distinct up-ramping of the visual MKUltra-ing of the General Public. And it's not just the more and more extravagant building demolitions. And it's not just the hammering of one's meaty/mouthy opponent into the professional wrestling canvas. And it's not just the prevalence of ever-bigger ever-sexier munitions launchers in film after film after film after film...
It's the F-word i.e. the adult word FUCK and the S-word i.e. the adult word SHIT. What are these two HIGHLY OFFENSIVE words doing in 15-certificate films such as Hansel & Gretel (Witch Hunters) here in the UK? It's all over TV, too - Eastenders being a prime example of how influential-not-reflective such adult language is on 'the general public'. But this post really isn't about the improper splicing of 'adult words' into so-called family entertainment, though that's very annoying when one's sat watching such and 'that shit starts pouring out of heroes' mouths'.
No, this post's about this:

And let me put this into context... Hansel & Gretel (the new film starring Actor A plus Actor B as mentally scarred siblings vs 'witches') is a kids movie for the computer game i.e. comic book, crash smash bash mentality. And there's nothing wrong with that, in context. We've all seen violent imagery on screen or in comics since mk-ultra kids cartoon Tom & Jerry hammered each other to bits with hammers and knives and saws and dustbin lids and it hasn't turned us into rampaging greenskins. But it's just that the intensity and level of 'domestic' violence shown on TV and in films is like nothing before.
Think of the end of Sam Raimi's kids film Spiderman, did we really need all that WCW-like crash smash bash footage vs Green Goblin? Did the grenade really have to RIP THROUGH HIS MASK? Did the actor have to CRASH SMASH BASH THROUGH A RED BRICK WALL? Well, "Yes," because this is the mentality of such cleverly-orchestrated mind control media: the b-anality of it all. The who gives a fuck about it?-ness.
That's the real crime: the truly shocking dialogue, the truly shocking character exposition and the truly shocking narrative resolutions. Think back to visual splendour fest that was Sucker Punch. Sure there were thirteen minutes of salvageable eye candy in there that could have been sewn together as a massively entertaining manga-esque shock short titled Hyper-Sexualised Girls in Micro Skirts battling ever-more-outrageous Dream Monsters' and it'd be worth watching. But THE SCRIPT, the acting and the dialog of the atrocious 'drugged up dance girls' storyline ... that's the real crime!
The real insult. And the fact that the Hansel & Gretel film didn't address to one REAL distraction in the film, the historical evidence for 'witches'. I mean, we all know the Victors Get To (re)Write History. Right? So, why debate why 'herbalists' were pilloried by the Church in the name of Satan. Why even (re)ignite that debate when we all know that even the Bible recommends the we 'not suffer a witch to live'. I mean, for fuck's sake, how insane is that book then? In context?
Above, that domestic-violence imagery there, caught on Nanny Cam. A woman in her own home, with her child next to her, taken through THAT kinda punishment for a few witch dollars. It's horrible. It's shocking. It's great television. Especially if you're ramping up the world with massive distractions to 'keep people afraid' and 'paying their taxes'. It's especially essential if you need everyone to just look on similarly violent shit in the banking arena or similarly violent shit in the surveillance arena or similarly violent shit in the foreign invasion arena with blank-eyed ambivalence, in the knowledge that a Police State will sort it out and render the perps judged by super soldiers in the Name of Rampant Capitalism aka Empire.
It's the way our surrender'd world's going, a By-Stander Society too stupid to do what needs to be done.

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