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Hangout with Natural Beauty Advocate & Makeup Artist Liv Lundelius

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
Hangout with Natural Beauty Advocate & Makeup Artist Liv LundeliusI can probably write a whole essay on how various myths on the topic of green beauty make me cringe!

I just wrote about how I'm on a mission to prove that natural skin care products don't have to cost you an arm and a leg in our latest Top 30 Natural Skin Care Products under $30 series. I hope I'm actually making baby steps to change misconceptions on all things eco beauty related!

My mission certainly doesn't stop there. The next big myth to tackle is the claim that clean beauty products aren't as effective as their conventional counterparts ( a.k.a. evil cousins). Luckily, in the booming blogosphere where you can find your tribe in almost any niche, there isn't a lack of strong voices that back up my faith in green beauty.

I first stumbled across Liv's beauty blog via an eco makeup brand that she works with.

What instantly caught my eyes is her wonderfully written bio that reads:

i am liv. i'm a professional makeup artist, beauty writer & blogger. i love what i do and do what i love.

To openly declare that you love what you do is empowering to yourself as much as it is to your tribe who's also chasing after a dream, right?

I went on to check out Liv's portfolio and found myself seriously swooning over her magical touch on brides and models, all glowing in their natural beauty. The best part? She's a diehard natural beauty advocate who only uses ethical and toxin-free products in her professional makeup kit. If she isn't a living proof that green beauty products are indeed as effective as the toxin-laden conventional ones, I'm really not sure who else could be!

Being a little fangirl of Liv, I was totally stoked to have the chance to speak to her and had her share some of her best natural beauty tips with you here in our 'Hangout With' series. Wonder which natural makeup brands professional makeup artists absolutely swear by? Read on to find out!

Hangout with Natural Beauty Advocate & Makeup Artist Liv Lundelius

1. Hi Liv! Tell us why you've started your green beauty journey?

I have loved holistic beauty for as long as I can remember. I was absolutely fascinated by all the beautiful creams and cosmetic bottles in my Mum's beauty cabinet, and I always spent a little too much time in the bathroom.

I was paying close attention anytime I heard something about beauty; and at the age of five, I read that avocado is very good for the skin. I went straight for my Mum's beauty cabinet, grabbed her favorite jar of moisturizer, and I then mashed some fresh avocado out of the kitchen into her luxurious cream.

When I heard my Mum screaming my name that night, I suspected that something went wrong. The avocado had, of course, gone all brown and oxidized and my mums moisturizer was ready for the trash bin. However, when I explained what I did, she couldn't really be too mad with me.

For my next birthday, I received a book on homemade beauty products, and the results were way better than my first attempt. A Naturopath with an organic lifestyle herself, my Mum was always encouraging me to stay away from the "superficial" beauty industry.

Little did she know that her lipstick-loving little one was on a mission to become a makeup artist. Since then, I have followed my heart and added my holistic background and knowledge to my passion for beauty and luxury.

2. What are some of the myths or misconception around green beauty that make you cringe?

It drives me nuts that some people think, "Natural products don't work."

Quite the opposite is true. Organic products are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and many other active ingredients. The best part is that if these occur in their natural state and can be better absorbed and used by body. Some people might have tried the wrong products that weren't right for their skin. Many people don't even know what truly natural products are and have been victims of beauty green washing. There are so many amazing natural brands out there today that everyone can find the right products.

3. Current favourites in your makeup kit?

Jane Iredale, Inika, RMS, Vapour & Tata Harper to name a few heroes in my kit!

4. Your current skincare routine (day & night)?

I am always testing and trying new discoveries to keep up to date.

With my own wedding around the corner I really need to stop and get into a set routine.

However here is what I currently actually use:

Face skincare: I wash my face in the shower with La Mav Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser, then tone with La Mav Purifying Toner (editor's note: it's won a place in our Top 30 Natural Skin Care Products under $30 list!). I use Tata Harper Eye Cream morning and night. Lately I have been using the Organic Spa range, which was recommended to me by a facialist. I love the results and that the products are toxin free, the smell I find personally not too great, but my skin really likes it. I use the day moisture as moisturizer and wrinkle defence serum.

I remove my makeup with pure organic pumpkin seed oil and a microfibre cloth. If I feel like a deep cleanse I use the La Mav Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser afterwards. I follow with Organic Spa Day Moisture and include an exfoliating treatment into my routine from time to time. The Organicsceuticals Night Renewal Treatment works wonders.

I have yet to establish my favourite routine for the upcoming months.

♣ Body skincare:

Dry skin brushing, Shower and Hydrotherapy with cold water is how I start my day. I use coconut oil on the wet skin, which helps it to absorb and lock in the moisture, it doesn't feel greasy this way. I use pure almond oil on my fingernails and cuticles and coconut oil on my hair.

5. How does it feel since switching to green beauty products?

It feels sooooooo good! Most of them just smell so delicious and many products have aromatherapy benefits as they use beautiful botanical oils instead of synthetic fragrance.

You really have to think about the long term health benefits.

6. Top three green beauty products you'd recommend for the price-conscious beauty junkies?

I like to think of beauty products like food. You pay for quality. If you go to the farmers market or health food store you still pay top dollar for your organic produce. You are actually paying what it's worth, instead of paying for marketing and packaging, that's the difference.

I know we all love pretty things and there is nothing wrong with it. I love many luxurious brands and really enjoy beautiful jars myself. If you want to save however, don't simply buy a cheap(er) brand. A good way to save is to keep things simple, use pure organic oils according to your skin type for cleansing and moisturizing. Use organic virgin coconut oil as body moisturizer and so on. If you skip fancy packaging you can save and still get great quality.

1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Great moisturizer for the body, hair treatment and dry skin saviour. Also a great makeup remover.

2. A microfibre face cloth. Helps to cleanse the skin and remove all impurities and makeup. It gently exfoliates and can be used with any cleansing oil, cream cleanser or on it's own. It can be washed and lasts a long time.

3. I recommend La Mav and Z'kin skincare products for clean alternatives. They are not cheap, but very reasonably priced and high quality.

7. Have you successfully persuaded your friends or clients to switch to green beauty? How did you do it?

I just lead by example. Friends and clients usually ask me for recommendations and trust my expertise. I am lucky that I don't have to persue anyone.

8. "I love my job because..."?

I love what I do! I love everything about it. There is never a dull day. I always get meet wonderful people, travel to amazing locations and be creative. There is always more to learn and no two days are the same. I hope that I can also inspire women to live a healthy lifestyle and to feel beautiful.

9. "I had my honeymoon in.../ my dream honeymoon destination is..."?

I just booked our honeymoon! I am so excited about it. We are going to Bali. We will divide our time between Eco Resort Bambu Indah, Luxury Glamping with private pool at Sandat Glamping and are then off north for snorkeling at a villa overlooking the ocean. Can you tell, I am excited? As we both work a lot (I mean A LOT!), the perfect honeymoon for us is all about relaxing in a hot climate, sipping coconuts by the pool, meditating and spending time together.

10. What makes a classy bride?

A heartfelt smile!

THANK YOU so much Liv! We just love the beauty wisdom that you shared!

Make sure you hop on over to check out Liv's portfolio and articles that are packed with inspiring imagery and positive vibes:

Liv Lundelius Makeup Artist

So tell me dear fellow beauty junkies, is there anything else you'd love to ask Liv? Does Liv's green beauty ethos resonate with your very own voices? I'd love to hear your thoughts so let's start the conversations here. One thing for sure is that you'll never walk alone in our green beauty tribe!

Till next time. Stay beautiful inside & out.

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