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Hamodia Now Censors Womens Shoes from Pictures

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

It has already become standard practice that the haredi press will not print images of women, facial shots, body shots, or barely even mention their names. The haredi online sites have already started moving away from that behavior, but the old-style haredi media (I won't call them mainstream media, MSM, because they aren't by any means) has just increased their strict approach to this behavior.
It has gotten to a point that is so ridiculous that it is already funny. I don't see any other way to look at it. the foolishness that has taken over is just funny, in a sad way.
A young child, a 1 year old baby, in Jerusalem opened up a cabinet door that prevented the room door from being opened. That meant the kid was stuck in the room. The parents called the Fire Station, who sent a team out that dismantled the door and rescued the child. Good job.
The funny part comes next.
Hamodia (Hebrew edition) reported the story yesterday, but altered the picture that accompanied it. They did not remove the image of the child's mother - she was not in the picture anyway. The  picture showed the child laying on the floor next to the open drawer. The drawer had various pairs of shoes in it. One of those pairs was a pair of womens shoes. Hamodia removed the shoes from the image.
They weren't even a pair of high-heeled sexy shoes, or anything like that, that their removal might be understood in some sort of crazy way. This was simply a pair of beat up old flats - nothing enticing or provocative, just a pair of beat-up old shoes.
Here are the pictures:
the original:
Hamodia now censors womens shoes from pictures the Hamodia version:Hamodia now censors womens shoes from pictures
I don't know what there is to say other than it is so sad that it is funny how ridiculous they have gotten (though they did miss the womens black shoes just above the brown ones - thanks Yaak for pointing it out)......
(this issue was seen mentioned in Bechadrei, Kikar, Ynet, NRG)

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