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Half of Britons Are Re-evaluating How Sustainable Their Lives Are Post-Lockdown

Posted on the 13 July 2020 by Ecoexperts @TheEcoExperts

Companies are also stepping up to the plate, with 72% of UK firms claiming the pandemic has made them reconsider their environmental credentials.

An impressive 69% additionally believe they hold the most responsibility for driving a 'green recovery'. Although, for net-zero targets to be met, environmental efforts also need to be shared with the government and consumers.

When asked why they want to make their businesses more sustainable, two-thirds of participants revealed that their main motivation was because it is the 'right thing to do'. However, industry expectations (32%) and customer demands (25%) are also key incentives for being more environmentally friendly.

E.ON's report suggests that business sustainability also makes companies more attractive for future workers. Almost four in five businesses state that employees care more about working for sustainable businesses now than they did a year ago.

"At home and in business, this pandemic has made us all consider what's most important, and it's heartening to see across the nation we're planning on putting sustainability at the heart of our 'new normal'". - Michael Lewis, CEO, E.ON

This environmental focus comes in light of the government's new £2 billion Green Homes Grant . Perhaps this is the turning point we've been waiting for; the attitude of the general public has certainly shifted.

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