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Hair Removal - AKA The Bane of EVERYONE'S Life

By Hayley Adams @hayleybethadams
This is gonna be a slightly personal post, but hey, we're all ladies here! I think I can speak for the majority when I say I can think of better ways to bide my time than doing a big shave, however the thought of going au natural sends shivers down my spine. So here are the most popular methods to rid yourself of the body hair leaving yourself beach ready in no time... Well, about an hour.
The most popular and obvious is shaving. This is the method I use to de-fuzz as it's the least time consuming and most practical. I've been loving the Gilette Satin Care Shaving Gel for a while as it does the job perfectly and at £3.39 it's really inexpensive. Naughty, but I reach for disposable razors and I pay for that in plenty of cuts and shaving burns... Ouch.
Another inexpensive way is a hair removal cream such as Nair and Veet. These offer longer lasting results to shaving by dissolving the hair above and slightly below the skin rather than slicing the hair only above skin. To me, hair removal creams are a territory I try and steer away from - I find them irritating and often I don't get even results. If anything's worse than hairy legs, it's PATCHY hairy legs.
If you're like me and cannot bare the thought of waxing, perhaps you should consider Laser Hair Removal. A safe and virtually painless way of removing unwanted hair. The laser damages the base of the hair follicle meaning the rate of hair growth will be significantly decreased. Although it takes minimum 6 treatments, the results will be SO worth it. For more information on Laser Hair Removal and to book a consultation at your nearest Sk:n Clinic, click this link and have a good read! You won't regret it!
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