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Hair It Is .... Portland Oregon Hair Transplants

By Getgoretro
Hair It Is .... Portland Oregon Hair Transplants"Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb," made actor Edd Byrnes who carried a comb and was always combing his hair in the television series "Route 66" a star.  A perfect example of how, movies, media and peer pressure affect how we look at hair and how we value it.
Ever  worry that you are losing your hair?  Especially when you see large gobs of it in your hair brush;  in the shower, or perhaps on your pillow? 
There has been many a worried woman and/or man who has questioned if they are losing to much hair.  Take into consideration the facts:  The normal cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 3 years. Each hair grows approximately 1 centimeter per month during this phase, and 90 percent of the hair on your scalp is growing at any one time.  The other 10 percent of  your hair is in a resting phase. After 3 to 4 months, the resting hair falls out  and new hair starts to grow in its place.  It is normal to shed some hair each day as part of this cycle. However, some people may experience excessive (more than normal) hair loss. It's a serious concern.  Men, women and children — can experience hair loss; there is no discrimination.  It can be detrimental to self-confidence and self esteem for some.  And why not? Isn't a woman's hair deemed as her crowning glory? Didn't Sampson derive his strength from his hair?  And, didn't the Cowsills hit Top 10 with their famous song "Hair" back in '68? Think about it, it's one of the first  things you notice about a person. If they are groomed right, how their hairstyle looks, and on and on.   Hair is an important subject.
Hair It Is .... Portland Oregon Hair TransplantsAlthough baldness is "in" right now, and some men choose to shave their heads; not everyone is comfortable being bald, and not everyone has a choice. Genes play an important role – the thinness or lack of  hair can be genetics. Check to see if there are any relatives who are bald on your maternal side,  If there are, there is a greater chance that you may lose your hair as well.
Sometimes, medical or beauty treatments can be the culprit.  Certain medications such as drugs used for cancer, depression, arthritis or heart problems  may cause hair loss.  Certain hairstyles such as straightening, braiding or over perming  can cause damage to your hair and scalp.  Simply pulling that retro pony tail with an elastic rubber band can pull out your hair.  The quick fix for this is to simply use preventative measures: Stop embracing the culprits causing the problem.
Some people prefer to let their baldness run its course untreated and then unhidden. Some men do the "comb over,"  Others may cover it up with hairstyles, wigs, makeup, hats or scarves; and sometimes the spray on flocking.  Others choose medications such as Rogain, Minoxidil  Propecia®; or perhaps Herbal medications, shampoos and lotions. If you cannot prevent your hair loss with over the counter or logical preventative measures you might want to consider hair restoration through surgery.  Hair It Is .... Portland Oregon Hair Transplants
Be sure to check out whoever you may decide to go to.  Make sure they are Board Certified, licensed, clean, sanitary and OSHA compliant. If you are out on the West Coast, Portland, Oregon Hair Transplants is OSHA compliant; they use  cutting edge technology including binocular microscopes, customized instrumentation, and meticulous surgical techniques to ensure the best possible maximum growth and positive results. Portland, Oregon Hair Transplants also offers eyelash and eyebrow transplants which is where their artistry comes in.  
If you want more information or advice, check out  The American Hair Loss Association as well.  Get yourself educated. They are committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected by hair loss.  Their  goal to create public awareness of this "devastating disease of the spirit," and to legitimize hair loss of all forms in the eyes of the medical community, the media and society as a whole. (Woman bathing in her hair)Simon Schubert photo found at  Bridget TaylorLudwig Hair Loss chart found here

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