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Guy Writes Letter To Aaron Hernandez, Hernandez Writes Back, Guy Promptly Sells Letter To TMZ

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit



Fake or real?  What do the people think?

Let the clusterfuck begin.  Good for TMZ for staying slimy and paying some guy $20k or whatever for this letter.  Good for the guy who sold the letter for being the ultimate douche bag.  Good for me for blogging about it.  Pretty much this is the perfect example of people profiting in any way possible in any given situation.  I’m not mad, just needed to be pointed out.

Now to the letter.  If this is real, Aaron Hernandez has to be outside of his mind, right?  I mean, someone has to tell him that he’s never playing football in the NFL again and soon.  Needs to get that out of his mind immediately.  Also, whole lotta talk about god and the lord in this letter.  Maybe he should have consulted the big guy before blowing a bunch of people away over the last few years.  Probably would have saved him some time in the clink.

Good to know America hasn’t lost its lust for profiting off of other people’s failures.  Stay classy, ‘Merica!

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