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Guide to Women’s Health Thyroid: Understanding the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Guide to Women’s Health Thyroid: Understanding the symptoms of hypothyroidismThings that can go wrong with your body, if your thyroid is so pervasive low and spread and rsquo; It s surprising. So many of the difficulties and humiliation we learn to live with it, Think & rsquo; re inevitable part of aging they are actually the result of low thyroid function are reversible.
By reading this chapter, you may find it hard to believe that your thyroid can have such strong effects throughout the body. But the truth of the matter is that the proper functioning of the thyroid gland plays an important role as we age and remain free of pain and illness in maintaining quality of life. Our basic body functions, general welfare, appearance, energy, mental function, emotions and all of our mental health depend very proper thyroid function. Because the symptoms appear often influence the first appearance (and possibly painful), and let rsquo; s clock.
- Physical appearance - As we age, we definitely want to enjoy everything that keeps us young, sexy and slim. Who needs plastic surgery when proper thyroid function remains to repel so cheap noninvasive accelerated aging? If you take a closer look at thyroid function low potential impact

on all parts of the body, you and rsquo; You realize that you need to take your thyroid aging seriously.
Because hair and skin are some of our most dynamic tissues, often we see slower metabolism for the first time in these areas. Hypothyroidism wears her hair, brittle and dull dry. It is also straighter, thinner and thinner and may even be prematurely gray color. Thin, uneven, irregular ISN gray hair and rsquo; It is the way and rsquo; re then headed in forty or fifty years! Another sign of low thyroid function, found that more than a century, is the loss of the outer third of the eyebrows. Body hair and eyelashes so often disappear.

The slowdown of the thyroid takes a huge toll on the skin. The first signs are thick, dry, pale, pale skin look unhealthy, which can be very spicy (Owen and Lazarus 2003). This can lead to acne, red spots progress, boils, premature wrinkles, yellowish or grayish skin, rashes and eczema or even psoriasis. the proper function of the thyroid is necessary for good blood circulation, so hypothyroidism results in insufficient blood flow throughout the body. When this happens, blood is preferably sent to the brain and vital organs to maintain essential services in progress. Our skin can our largest organ, but in hypothyroidism, which takes a back seat to survive, and that's why ISN and rsquo; t properly fed and replaced by oxygen again, which makes the blood available. Poor circulation can also lead to the development of varicose veins.
The skin may also be swollen, swollen, especially on the face, arms and upper thighs due to the construction of fluid in the connective tissue. This condition, known as myxedema, is a side effect of slowing metabolism. It & rsquo; s caused by a buildup of waste that aren and rsquo; t effectively removes the tissue. Connective tissue throughout the body, so this inflammation doesn & rsquo; t affect the appearance only physically; It also refers to the function of the glands, organs and cells as they infiltrate this gelatinous substance. In fact, this inflammation affects only the tissue and internal organs, without showing any signs.
When thyroid function is low, the face, especially around the eyes and chin often is swollen; This, too, is caused by myxedema. renal failure caused by the general slowdown of metabolism leads to fluid retention, especially around the eyes and hands and ankles.
This other pressing edema and distinguish them from finger myxedema; if depression is left for a longer period than normal it is needed and rsquo; due to reduced renal function instead of myxedema s. As hypothyroidism progresses, the entire face can determine a rough appearance, swelling or thickening of facial features.
Nails and toes
growth ,, stripes, soft brittle nails with bright nail slow are a sign of low thyroid function.
The white area in a crescent shape at the base of the nail is usually lighter or disappears altogether. This may be due to reduced blood protein synthesis or insufficient flow, another effect of the overall slow metabolism in hypothyroidism (Jabbour 2003). Ingrown toenails and fungal infections are also common.
Teeth and mouth

excessive accumulation of tartar and tooth decay can be caused by low thyroid function (Noren and Alm 1983). Tarter excess causes redness, swelling and receding gums (which may be exacerbated by low estrogen), so the old saying and ldquo; Always enter the & quot years .; ISN gum recession and rsquo; t is always a sure sign of hypothyroidism, but as periodontal disease because hypothyroidism can also cause gums are swollen and overdeveloped and extend to the teeth instead of falling down.
In hypothyroidism long-standing swollen mouth, big and rough lips may appear.
The color in the mouth is often pale, and the palace can be twisted than usual (Barker, Hoskins and Mosenthal 1922) more. The temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ syndrome) is also common, causing hypothyroidism problems with muscles and ligaments. In addition, two clenched teeth and edema due to chronic muscle tension may affect the jaw and cause pain and muscle spasms temporomandibular joint syndrome.
With hypothyroidism, which don & rsquo; t effectively metabolized to eat and the calories we eat are converted into fat instead of energy. This weight gain is insidious, and resolves neither the power nor the exercise.
If weight gain is a tendency for strictly low thyroid function and no other interference with the endocrine system and fat to be distributed symmetrically in the body (Barker, Hoskins and Mosenthal 1922). If low pituitary function at the root of low thyroid function is to control weight gain usually in the abdomen area is limited just above the knees. The skin of a person with hypothyroidism also has a smooth appearance, and generally muscles affected, too. Remember that being overweight is a problem that goes beyond the visible, because it increases the risk of many diseases and health conditions.
LEGS AND FEETDo you have weak knees, or have flat feet or legs are bent in recent years? All tapes in your body can be affected by low thyroid function. It will relax face down and can cause conditions such as flat feet, weak knees, knock knees, joint hypermobility, the tendency for sprains and even scoliosis. Since the beginning of hypothyroidism, knees are often weak. It begins with a sense of unreliability in the knees, as if you could give your knees if you were to get into a trot or even brisk walking.
The first sign that his films are concerned, is often a flattening of the arches of the feet. When the flat foot is turned inward, which can cause pain painful calluses on the sides of the big toes and foot pain. Another sign of painful palms relaxation tapes (Jacobs

Kosmin and DeHoratius 2005).
Although you can and rsquo; t to see the voice is an obvious indicator of age and health. As in the throat inflammation, many women begin to look weak and tired with hypothyroidism. The voice is often deeper and softer and more hoarse or nasal. Speech may be slow and deliberate, and as the disease progresses, the articulated words can be difficult, so tripping over words and difficulty speaking (Madariaga et al., 2002). These difficulties may swelling of the lips and tongue.
As with obesity, voice changes have an impact on the impression you make on others. Swelling of the throat changes in the voice responsible also causes difficulty swallowing, so choking on small objects is common. If the swollen uvula (the small sandbag on the back of the throat) and almonds, which can lead to snoring and inability to breathe through the nose.
Not only low score of thyroid function in chronic ear infections due to impaired immune function, it can also lead to loss and abnormal physical placement of the hearing ear. If anything, hypothyroidism can cause low-set ears on the head and protrude, while increasingly swollen or thicker than normal. reduced global audience and excess earwax is often (Brucker-Davis et al., 1996). low thyroid function can also cause tinnitus and hearing strange noises like clicking, or buzzing sound of running water lead.
Since our thyroid function decreases, so does our ability to stand. Attitude is one of the markers of aging, with arched and curved integral part of the appearance of older women pose. Poor posture can fatigue so common in hypothyroidism, or weakening of the bones and osteoporosis, which are also produced caused. This collapse worsens when the abdominal muscle relaxation and swelling of the stomach caused by constipation due to excess.
Small signal smooth aging, decreasing muscles. Our muscles are closely related to the metabolic processes associated with, and when slows down, they start their tone and contours lost. Weight gain we live in the same time obscures more. But again, this goes beyond the visible.
Normal activities is becoming increasingly difficult because the muscles get tired so easily and often feel heavy, and be influenced by a greater tendency to stumble muscle cramps or mobility experience (Argov et al., 1988) .
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