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Guest Post – Sound Matters: How Music and Feng Shui Have a Powerful Effect on Your Environment

By Vsudarsan

Hello, everyone! I have a guest post for you today by Carole Hyder, and Jeff Bova. Carole Hyder is a Feng Shui expert, founder of the Wind & Water School of Feng Shui and author of three books (Wind and Water: Your Personal Feng Shui Journey, Living Feng Shui: Personal Stories and Conversations with Your Home), two DVDs (The Science of Feng Shui and The 4 Faces of Money) and an online course entitled "Money, Spirituality and Feng Shui." Jeff Bova is a Grammy-award winning composer, musician and producer with over one hundred platinum- and gold-selling albums to his name. He's worked with a vast array of artists including Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Billy Joel.

Sound affects matter - this knowledge is nothing new. Stemming back as far as Greek philosopher Pythagoras, scientists and philosophers alike have discovered the powerful impact of sound waves on physical matter. That includes you, your home, your office and our entire planet.

The study of how music affects matter is called cymatics. In the 1960s, a Swiss scientist named Dr. Hans Jenny took cymatics to a more mainstream level and discovered different materials and elements created distinct sound waves and intricate, beautiful patterns.

In recent years Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto furthered this concept by proving molecules in water can be affected by sounds and music. Molecules exposed to different types of music exhibited different shapes and properties. And you may have seen the incredible ability of sound to extinguish flame demonstrated on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon by Kevin Delaney of Little Rock, Arkansas' Museum of Discovery.

Given that Feng Shui is an ancient art of aligning energy in your environment through the manipulation of elements and objects, it isn't difficult to see how sound waves, with their unique responses to the materials and elements they're exposed to, could complement and even enhance the effects of Feng Shui. As Feng Shui experts and musicians, this beneficial relationship was especially apparent to us.

Our collaboration has culminated in Harmonize Your Home, an album of music composed specifically for each of the five elements utilized in Feng Shui. Playing the album from start to finish takes your environment through an energetic tour of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. In doing so, your home or office actually becomes more balanced - a more harmonious and pleasant place to be. And you can leave the music to play while you're out. It will do its job whether you're present or not.

Combining a tool like this with traditional Feng Shui practice of careful attention to the way your environment is arranged and decorated gives maximum impact. But even if you don't do much with Feng Shui, Harmonize Your Home is a complete sound treatment for your space. In fact, we're finding some of its earliest adopters have been realtors who leave the music playing in houses they're trying to sell, to balance energy within and increase its chances of being sold!

Often, people who listen to Harmonize Your Home describe the music as "relaxing" or "inspiring." While it's true the vibrations in the music can have positive affect on the people listening to it, the true benefit of Harmonize Your Home lasts long after the music stops playing. The vibrational alignment of special components in your environment bring a myriad of blessings, from inner peace and enhanced well-being to prosperity, good health, luck, romance and more.

Music is one of the most accessible things in the world. While the oldest instruments found date back to the Paleolithic era, songs and chants have likely been part of the human experience for as long as humans have existed. Virtually every culture embraces music in some form. Even animals seem to respond to the power of music - from bird calls to whale songs, all of which possesses their own inherent, undeniable melody.

Similarly Chi, the energy we work with in Feng Shui, is omnipresent, and has been since the dawn of existence. That's why we believe the potent combination of music and Feng Shui is something that can affect real change around the world. Driven by the desire to harmonize the planet one home at a time, we have established an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to promote Harmonize Your Home across the globe.

It's our dream that someday every household will benefit from this sound treatment. That anyone, on any given day, can leave Harmonize Your Home playing in their office overnight so they return to a happier workplace in the morning. Or step out to run errands with the music playing in their house, to return to a home that has been cleared of negative energy and feels truly peaceful. Imagine a world where we could all be so comfortable in our daily environments!

We invite you to learn more about Harmonize Your Home and the Harmonics for Your Home Project at HarmonizeYourHome.net. The actual process of creating Feng Shui-inspired music for a space can be seen in this YouTube video, where we conducted a home consultation and composed custom music for the house. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and reach out with questions about how music and Feng Shui can combine to change the world!

Here are photos from an actual home visit where Carole and Jeff examined the home, consulted with the owner, looked at blueprints and determined the best way to manipulate the space for flow of energy. Jeff then composed custom music in the home. As you can see in one shot, the music was so relaxing the homeowners' dog Lucky just had to curl up at Jeff's feet.

Guest Post – Sound Matters: How Music and Feng Shui Have a Powerful Effect on Your Environment
Guest Post – Sound Matters: How Music and Feng Shui Have a Powerful Effect on Your Environment
Guest Post – Sound Matters: How Music and Feng Shui Have a Powerful Effect on Your Environment
Guest Post – Sound Matters: How Music and Feng Shui Have a Powerful Effect on Your Environment

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