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Guest Post on Vkbmkl: the Little Woman Wanted Noise

By Winterthorn
GUEST POST ON VKBMKL: THE LITTLE WOMAN WANTED NOISEI HAVE A GUEST POST on Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves today, The Little Woman Wanted Noise by Val Teal, illustrations by Robert "The Story of Ferdinand" Lawson. It's an animal sounds book that all parents with little little ones should get their hands on.
In case you haven't been following on Facebook, I also appeared on NPR's The Dinner Party last week, got another rave review in The Washington Post on Monday, and had a list of great crime novels on The Huffington Post also on Monday, among other exciting things. I hope to be back with a proper We Too Were Children post sometime before school starts, but we'll just have to see. Thanks for your patience.
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