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Great Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy 2018 | Best Toys For 8 Year Old Boys.

By Irene Ross
Great Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy 2018 |  Best Toys For 8 Year Old Boys.

There is a flood of great gifts for 8 year old boy that not only thrill him but also boosts his growth and development.

Remember at this age, he is better mentally and physically but of course he needs to continue growing.

So, what you need is something to strengthen his muscles, make him much more experimental, arouse his creative juices and if possible, something that also educates him- he should never stop learning, or should he?

Perhaps, surprisingly, we still get an avalanche of emails requesting us to write about some of the hottest toys for 8 year old boy....with some requesting for the best birthday gifts for 8 year old boys and while others want purely educational toys for 8 year olds.

Well, before we disclose the best gift for 8 year old boy, here are some important facts about your 8-year old;

So, as you sample that various toys for 8 year olds, remember that's how your beloved boy is.

Now, I don't want to keep you here for longer so let's go directly to seeing how would go about pocketing the best gift for 8 year old boy.

Here first is our carefully selected list of cool gifts for 8 year old boy...

1. Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit.

Unless you expose them to the engineering world, you will never know if you are bringing up the next Graham Bell - the famous inventor.

And since boys are generally curious about electronic, You can take advantage of the Snap Circuits discovery kit to first introduce him to the electronic world before taking him deeper to complex engineering projects.

The kit basically allows him to build various circuit boards on his own by joining the matching real circuit components.

He can make circuits for the telly, radios, calculators and other domestic electronics.

  • 60+ snap modules
  • Battery powered
  • Creates more than 300 projects
  • Numbered and color-coded pieces
Pros Cons
    There is no guarantee your child will love it

This Gives your child hands-on education in electronics.

Its components create working circuits for common electronic and devices.

Given that most boys are very passionate about electronics; this is automatically one of the best 8 year old boy gifts

2. Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest For 8 Years Old.

If you can't make your child drop their long-held interest in guns, why not teach him the rules of the game by using a safe gun?

The Nerf gun is a great option for this and the official nerf n-strike elite series has all the desirable features to make him a top marksman, safely.

The tactical vest, ammo, and swift Reload Clips let him stay ahead of the pack and complete the mission.

Features Pros Cons
    Its fabric is not very breathable

The Tactical Vest Kit gives your boy the extra firepower he needs to always compete and bring down his targets.

It can even hold an extra blaster and more Quick Reload Clips!

If your boy likes combat, why not reward him with this- it's one of the cool toys for 8 year old boy

3. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Star Wars Toy.

I have always heard Pals and workmates with young sons complain that Star Wars dominate their households.

Star war characters like Kanjiklub Gang Member, Finn, Rey, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu and Leech drive your boy's adrenaline up there.

Furthermore, boys like relieving their favorite scenes from the past episodes of the series.

With the Lego star wars millennium falcon, he will have tons of fun rebuilding the Han Solo's iconic starship.

  • Detachable cockpit
  • Dual spring-loaded shooters
  • Detailed interior
  • Includes Han Solo, Finn, Kanjiklub Gang Member, Chewbacca, Rey, Tasu Leech, & BB-8
  • Compatible with other LEGO construction sets
  • Very large
  • Recommended age: 9-14 years(boys and girls)
  • A total of 1329 pieces
Pros Cons
  • Kids with small hands may struggle a bit
  • It is a bit fragile

This brings back the prominent Han Solo's starship from the Star Wars saga in a thrilling way, quite reminiscent of certain scenes from Episode VII of the star wars series (The Force Awakens)

It is packed full of new and improved external features and will bring hours of overflowing fun to your kids.

4. Blast Pad Missile Launcher Cool Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy.

Another way to keep your child away from the TV/Video games is to engage him with the Blast pad missile launcher.

He/she should attach the launch tube to its base, and then extend it to whatever length he/she desires.

From there, your child should secure the blast pad hose against its base.

After this, let him start counting 3...2....1.

Finally, jump to its blast pad and have fun watching the missile soar and soar.

This keeps him interested, active and jovial.

  • Blast Pad Base
  • Launch Tube
  • Blast Pad & Hose
  • 3 Missiles (enhanced with Foam tips)
Pros Cons
    rockets seem to wear out quickly

This stomp rocket is flawless for both your boys and also girls.

Kids scream with delight as their missiles reach for the sky while its durable design ensures that it will be with your kids for long.

It's one of the best toys for 8 year old boy especially if you are talking about outdoors.

5. Ripstik Caster Board Toys For 8 Year Old Boys.

Skateboarding is considered many things in one- it is a sport, a lifestyle, an art, and also a culture.

Now, kids have loved it for decades- in fact, it has grown to be an extreme sport.

It gets kids go out, have fun and is considered to be an effective way of moving around.

If he is to skate, ensure he has the correct equipment.

The ripstik caster board is one of the liveliest rides for kids seeking big thrill.

It has a unique pivoting deck & 360-degree angled caster trucks, offering it a carving ability similar to that of a snowboard.

  • Concave deck platforms
  • Rubber-padded handle
  • High-performing ABEC-5 bearings
  • Torsion bar
  • Traction plates
  • Kick nose
  • Inclined caster trucks
  • Kick tail
  • polyurethane wheels
  • weight capacity: 220 pounds
Pros Cons
  • It hard to ride in rough streets or sidewalks
  • Requires a bit of learning

This is a skateboard/snowboard hybrid which makes surfing and snowboarding delightful.

Its innovative twisting motion moves your child forward with little effort.

If you are looking for 8 year old boy gifts that mix adventure, pleasure and physical exercise, this will definitely feature.

6. Perplexus Epic 8 Year Old Boy Gifts.

Puzzles have the requisite power to assist the brain release the important neurotransmitter dopamine.

While tackling puzzles, your brain produces dopamine each time you hit a breakthrough. Dopamine creates a positive mood, improves concentration, enhances memory, and boosts motor skills.

The perplexus is perhaps one of the most ingenious puzzles you might ever meet. It's very easy to play but incredibly hard to master.

It gives your kid the ultimate challenge.

Features Pros Cons
    It can be frustrating for beginners

The world of Perplexus is crazy, fun and challenging.

It has multiple difficulty levels to master but very easy to play.

We consider it one of the top-most 8 year old boy toys due to the way it improves kids' hand eye coordination plus spatial relations, not to mention that it develops their dexterity and motor skills

7. Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride.

Based on the concept of the adventure comedy film Around-the-World (in 80 Days), this game reenacts a complete cross-country train adventure

Players are expected to collect cards representing various train cars to enable them claim the railway routes that connect cities all over North America

It includes a detailed board, help cards, rules, game cards, train miniatures, and is indeed one of the best specialty games ever invented.

The objective of the board game is to identify who can reach the highest number of cities within North America by rail in exactly seven days.

  • cardboard game
  • North American train paths map
  • 2-5 players
  • Play takes 30-60 minutes
  • 225 Train Cars (Colored) & 144 Illustrated cards
  • 5 Wooden Markers (for scoring)
  • 1 Rules booklet
Pros Cons
  • Board doesn't lie fully flat
  • At first, it may appear hard for younger kids

This Board Game is simply a cross-country train expedition that celebrates Fogg's incredible gamble to travel the whole world in 180 days through placing a new wager.

And you can play ticket to ride with your kid as it can simultaneously accommodate two-five players

8. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster.

With a slam fire, the N-strike elite strongarm blaster takes his speed and shooting skills to the elite level.

It is fast firing and very easy to reload so rivals will definitely notice that he has gone one gear up.

By simply Flipping open its rotating barrel and then quickly loading its 6 revolutionary Elite Darts, he takes total control of the battle zone.

This is a truly legendary blaster and can send darts flying up to an impeccable 90 feet!

Features Pros Cons
    May not maintain accuracy while slam-firing

To join the elite class, you need a top-of-the cream weapon and this is none other than this N-strike Elite Strongarm blaster.

It Features an upgraded distance, amped-up velocity & the popular revolutionary Elite Darts.

This could be a fascinating Christmas gift.

9. Deluxe Magic Set Boy Gifts Age 8.

One of the reasons why J. K Rowlings took kids world by storm with his Harry Potter series was the way she was able to relate her books many magical elements with real-world magic and mythology.

Rowlings successfully depicts magic as a supernatural force which overrides all the laws of nature.

If you would wish him to experiment with the magical world, then the deluxe magic set packs a total of 10 classical magic tricks and is perfect for any beginning illusionist

Its' easy-to-master tricks encourages confidence and further improves his fine motor skills and also hand-eye coordination.

Features Pros Cons
  • Instructions are not that clear
  • Doesn't come with a carrying case

This set has 10 illusions and magical tricks and any child who has come across a magician performing will readily recognize some of them.

It thrills children with some classic magical mysteries and gives them the confidence to succeed as well as improving their fine motor skills.

If you are interested in great gifts for 8 year old boy or girl, this packs enough mystery to keep hooked.

10. LEGO Minecraft 21114 The Farm.

If your child is a minecraft fanatic, the Lego farm kit is yet another adventurous set this time stimulating his creativity by challenging him to build a Farm in many different ways.

He needs food to survive, thus he must fence in all livestock then channel the over-flowing water to the garden so that it nurtures the crops.

This is the only way he will Harvest pumpkins, sugar cane, wheat, and carrots.

But he must be security conscious- the skeleton roams the farm at night and is already armed with a bow & arrow

This set also features one Steve mini figure and its accessory.

  • Armed skeleton (bow and arrow)
  • Crafting table
  • Pumpkin helmet
  • 2 torches
  • Fences
  • Waterfall
  • Crops: sugarcane, wheat, pumpkins, carrots
  • Steve minifigure (with accessory)
  • Livestock: cow, sheep
  • Tree and chest.
  • A shovel.
  • Assorted 262 LEGO pieces.
Pros Cons Verdict

Minecraft and LEGO building fanatics can experience the farm, nurture crops, play hide and seek with the evil skeleton and keep rebuilding the farm creatively.

Seeing that you can combine this with the other sets from the series and get even bigger LEGO Minecraft adventures, your boy may finally feel that you truly love him!

Factors To Consider When Buying Great Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy.

When it comes to choosing boy gifts age 8, the market is teeming with interesting options and whatever your boy's taste, you can't lack something for him- even if it's from our highlighted toys for boys age 8

But there are some crucial issues that you must have at the back of your mind if you are to land a gift for 8 year old boy that makes him go gaga!

This is what we consider here;

Most good gifts for 8 year old boy challenge and build on specific skills. Some enhance physical fitness, others mental health. Still, others stimulate his creativity and so on.

Pick something that at least builds his skillset.

Only consider gift ideas for 8 year old boy which matches his knowledge and skill-set. Otherwise, if it very complicated to understand, he will soon dismiss it as junk and discard it- much to your annoyance.

It shouldn't break during the first run- or should it? Luckily, the most popular gifts for 8 year old boy are built for the long haul and to withstand the rough treatment they are most likely going to be subjected to.

He is quickly growing and will soon, enter teenage. But you still have a few more years when he will still be enjoying his toys.

So, go for toys that he would enjoy when he is 9, 10, or 11 years

Let nobody lie to you- there are many top gifts for 8 year old boy that do not cost much.

But if you want to spoil him with the most expensive product, do it if your budget allows- after all, he also precious!

By now, you have a rough idea of what he likes.

To excite him, buy him a gift that matches his interests. For example, I can gift him a piano if he likes music.

Some products may be made from unsafe materials or have inherent safety hazards like sharp parts.

He is still a kid so, as you buy, put his safety first!

In summary:

You have a multitude of great gifts for 8 year old boy to choose from so choosing can be hectic.

However, if you know what you are looking for in toys for 8 year old boys, then you will be on the safe side.

Look for something that is interesting enough to capture his attention and also builds his skills. His safety, your budget, ease of use and durability are other crucial factors.

I am sure selecting will now be easier since this post has introduced you to some of the popular toys for 8 year old boy and also briefed you on the distinct traits with kids at 8-years.

So, it's now time to implement this and rummage through the available gifts for 8 year old boys

I am sure you will surprise him with one of the top gifts for 8 year old boy.

Good luck!

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