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Grandmother Cancels Hip Operation- Because of a £30 Pair of Copper Heels

Posted on the 27 December 2012 by 72point @72hub

Joyful Jean Davies told how doctors cancelled a hip replacement op – after a £29.95 pair of copper insoles cured her severe arthritis. Grandmother Jean’s local GP told her she would require a new hip after being diagnosed with crippling arthritis in her left side 18 months ago.

But the surgery, which would have cost the NHS £5,000, was cancelled after Jean inserted the copper heelers in her shoes and returned to the doctor just six weeks later pain-free.

Jean, 72, of Dunster, Minehead, Somerset, said:

”The difference was incredible.

”It got to the point when I was unable to garden as much as I wanted to because the pain was so bad.

”When I went to the doctors they x-rayed my left hip and told me I had severe arthritis.

”It was affecting my life and my ability to do the things I enjoy.

”I was really apprehensive when the doctor said I would need a replacement, so he gave me some time to consider it.

”Unbeknownst to him I had the copper insoles in my shoes that day. I had just got them. But within six weeks I was totally pain-free.

”When I went back I explained to him that I was better. He was amazed.”

Mother-of-two and grandmother-of-two Jean first started suffering discomfort just before her and husband Geoffrey, also 72, moved from Northwood, Middx. in 2009.

Her first appointment at the doctors was in Middlesex when an x-ray showed her to have mild arthritis in her hip.

She made the appointment after consulting a friend who was an arthritis sufferer.

The doctor referred her to a physiotherapist to keep the joint moving, but Jean’s condition deteriorated.

By the time she moved to Somerset she was in considerable pain, prompting the visit to her local doctor in late 2011.

An x-ray showed the arthritis had spread around the joint.

The doctor suggested a hip replacement operation at Taunton’s Musgrove Park hospital.

But amid fears over the long-term effects the major surgery may have she asked for time to consider and continued inserting the copper heelers in her shoes.

Jean said:

”When I went back this year to see the doctor and told him I was no longer in pain, he said he was reluctant to operate and so cancelled the surgery.

”Since then I have been fine. I get the odd twinge when I walk up stairs in shops but apart from that it is wonderful.”

The apparent healing powers of copper were first pioneered by the ancient Greeks who used copper bracelets to ease aches and pains (copper heelers contain 14 times more copper than the bracelet).

Copper is an essential mineral in the body and is known to help keep blood vessels, the immune system and bones healthy.

Studies have found copper has both an antioxidant effect as well as a pro-oxidant effect depending on the levels in the body, which enables it to have a positive effect on arthritis symptoms.

Tony Andrews, of The Original Copper Heeler - the company which invented the copper insoles – said: ”Jean is just one of many very happy pain free customers who no longer need hip replacement surgery or take prescription drugs.

”Copper Heelers are a drug free cost effective remedy for the crippling pain of Arthritis, not only saving the customer’s money but also relieving the significant burden on the NHS.”

The Arthritis Foundation reports there is no scientific research to prove the effectiveness from copper bracelets, nor is there enough research to prove there are no benefits.

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