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Grandma’s Healthy Sweet Potato Baby Food

By Ally @allykitchen

Grandma's Sweet Potato Baby Recipe is elevated dining for babies at the solid food stages of life! Pure delight in every bite. Baby approved!

Homemade Baby Food

Raising my own three boys, I just didn't have time to make homemade baby food. I worked full-time and was just spinning too many plates in life to take on this project.

Now as a grandmother where my time is more flexible, I have the lovely time to work on creating special treats for my eleven grandchildren.

Sweet Potato for Baby

Sweet potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables for babies to try once they're at that stage of eating solid foods.

I don't know when I started my kids on solid foods. There wasn't as much monitoring of what they ate some 40 years ago.

But in today's world, it's all different. Moms have so much information at their disposal, and, I think, pediatricians focus more on the whole child in their practices. So, young new moms have a great support system for knowing when to start solid foods and what types of solids to begin.

As always, when making your baby food, always check with your doctor. As we developed this recipe, and by 'we' I mean the twins' Mama, she advised as to what ingredients could be used. Then it was just a matter of pulling these ingredients together and coming up with something less 'baby' and more elevated in terms of 'dining'!

Our creation is this exquisite baby soufflé!

Grandma’s Healthy Sweet Potato Baby Food

Sweet Potato Puree Recipes

It doesn't take much to make a sweet potato puree or any type of vegetable puree for that matter.

Mashing it up well, which was done way before modern-day small appliances. Or tossing in a food processor or blender in today's world.

Baby Sweet Potatoes

What matters is how to enhance the wonderful flavors of the sweet potatoes for baby. And, how to elevate the dining experience with natural healthy organic 'other' ingredients.

This recipe made a nice size soufflé dish. And, the leftovers were perfect for the next two days of eating.

Store leftovers in an airtight container then warm somewhat for the next feeding.

Homemade Sweet Potato Baby Food Recipes

In general, sweet potatoes are considered a good first food for babies. At about 6 months of age, you can cook and puree them.

There are other foods that you can consider for your baby!

Sweet Potato Baby Food Recipe Combinations

Smaller sweet potatoes tend to have more tastiness and natural sweetness. But, with this recipe, you can certainly choose a large sweet potato because the other ingredients are going to add even more flavor!

Grandma’s Healthy Sweet Potato Baby Food

Baby Soufflé Recipe

This recipe can certainly be baby's first official 'soufflé'. That sounds rather exquisite, right? A baby soufflé recipe.

But, that's what I believe should happen even with little ones. We need to introduce them slowly and deliberately to new flavor combinations and textures.

Again, all of this must be done knowing your baby's particular ingredient tolerances. And, by talking to your physician as your baby's palate expands.

Egg Soufflé for Baby

Eggs. Such a gloriously healthy and ubiquitous food. So when can babies have eggs.

Do your due diligence, but most babies can start with eggs at about six months of age.

Some of the fi rst foods to introduce include these choices.

Baby Puree Recipe 6-9 Months

Of course, you can puree completely into a smooth consistency. With this recipe, the sweet potatoes were diced, steamed and then mashed very well with a large fork. There were very small minute pieces of potato.

The peach, which was certainly ripe and juicy, was also mashed well. Using this technique, mashing rather than pureeing in a food processor, left a slight texture of the potato and the peach.

Our twin baby boys had no trouble whatsoever chowing down!

How to Make Baby Food Tasty without Salt

We know that salt flavors food, but we just don't want to introduce it at this young age.

According to Parents magazine, babies only need a tiny amount of salt in their diet. And, the naturally typically get this amount through breast milk or infant formula.

There is no salt in Grandma's Healthy Sweet Potato Baby Food.

Talk to your pediatrician and do your research!

Grandma’s Healthy Sweet Potato Baby Food

Grandma’s Healthy Sweet Potato Baby Food

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