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Goyenda Junior Title Track Brings Forth The Concept Of “Perfect Crime”

Posted on the 15 September 2019 by Themoviean

In a world of detectives, Director Mainak Bhaumik introduces a teenage boy in his next Goyenda Junior, who loves solving crimes and gets involved in a mind-boggling mystery which leaves the detective department of Kolkata baffled.

The title track of Goyenda Junior, which released today, showcases a clever mixture of flat illustration motion graphics with visuals from the film. This groovy number sung by young talent - Sayan Mitra with music & lyrics by renowned music director Prasen, will soon be the anthem for any child or teenager who want or wish to don a detective's hat.

Goyenda Junior is about a 16-year old teenage orphan boy Bikram (portrayed by Rwitobroto Mukherjee), who is a crime-fiction fan with a secret crush on his schoolmate Tuki (portrayed by Anusha Vishwanathan), is unofficially hired by Tuki's overprotective Police Detective father Sanjay (portrayed by Shantilal Mukherjee) to solve the perfect crime: a murder cleverly disguised as a natural death. How does this kid and adult detective-duo prove that a death by natural causes was in fact a murder when there is no evidence of murder or a murder weapon?

Our very own Goyenda Junior aka Bikram, though firmly believes that in a "perfect murder" there has to be some "imperfection". Will he be successful in keeping his title and solve the murder? The film, Goyenda Junior, is releasing on 20th September - all answers will be served on a silver platter at your nearest theatres!

Talking about film, Director Mainak Bhaumik said, "Venturing into thrillers is still a new concept to me but after the success of last film, which is my debut thriller, this seemed much easier to execute. I have worked with the team of lead cast before, so everything went quite smooth. Teen detectives are immensely popular among families and their children and before Durga Puja, I wanted to bring that flavour-that excitement to them to enjoy."

Music Director Prasen exclaimed about the title track, "I was told to make a peppy number which will resonate to the teens of today. I am sure this song will be in everyone's lips and will be a Puja anthem for all."

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