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Gov. Jan Brewer VETOES Bill By Conservatives, For Conservatives, to Legalize Discrimination

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Doggone
Gov. Jan Brewer VETOES Bill By Conservatives, For Conservatives, to Legalize DiscriminationThe only two things conservatives like MORE than whining they are victims when they are not, is to discriminate against a minority and/or women, and to shoot people they don't like.
Ok, sometimes they combine all of the above, as we saw in the recent trial of Michael Dunn in Florida.
NOT to be outdone, the fine (by which I mean totally incompetent) conservative legislators of Arizona passed legislation justifying discrimination for religious bigot soup nazis.
Yes, Pat Robertson believes in soup nazis. Via Right Wing Watch:

Other advocates for the AZ law, versions of which are being passed by idiot bigot conservatives in other states, make false claims for the need for such laws, asserting that they are necessary to avoid being forced to march in gay pride parades (Seriously), or to protect delicatessen owners from having to serve pork sandwiches.
Which, of course is ridiculous. No such fake atrocities are taking place. What IS taking place is that state by state, marriage equality is being recognized, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to discriminate against gay people, on any pretext including religion.
So if you sell wedding cakes or sell wedding photography, you can't refuse to do so to people on religious grounds - like you think Muslims are evil, or you hate gay people and want to cloak it in religion to try to cover up that you hate someone.
And what makes this particularly funny is that of course, Arizona hasn't recognized same sex marriage. YET.
Texas did so just yesterday when a court found, quite properly, that same sex marriage bans were unconstitutional (and immoral, and unethical, and if you eat too much gay wedding cake - fattening).
The issue of allowing entities, like - for example Bob Jones University - to deny an education to black people, or to deny people the right to free association by punishing inter-racial dating or inter-racial marriage -- in other words, discriminating on the basis of race on religious grounds, was NOT constitutional.
Currently, gender and sexual orientation do not have the same protected status as race or religion, or disability - but they will, it is only a question of when -----AND QUITE PROPERLY SO!
Not to put too fine a point on it, American Conservatism is REPUGNANT, OFFENSIVE, and DENIES FULL AND EQUAL FREEDOM TO PEOPLE whenever they think they can.
Jon Stewart, as usual, NAILED the tacky and bizarre failed reasoning of the laws promoters:
Gov. Jan Brewer VETOES Bill By Conservatives, For Conservatives, to Legalize DiscriminationIt's not like Arizona is the only state with Crazy conservatives pushing toxic fake religion. It happens in conservative misinformation and miseducation locales like Florida and New Mexico as well. Because conservatives lie and hate, and don't know the difference when they do. It is conservatives who are the persistent threat in our nation, and to our children; linking it to religion is just the feeble attempt by conservatives to give their hate and bigotry some tattered legitimacy. That is a legitimacy they don't deserve, and it debases and demeans honest religion and spirituality with a failed and hateful ideology.
But heck, at least it gives Seth Meyers some great shtick for an outrageous game show, "Fake or Florida".

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