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Google’s Smart Contact Lens Brings Medical Technology to a Whole New Level

Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Google’s Smart Contact Lens Brings Medical Technology to a Whole New Level

It looks creepy, like something that gives you Terminator vision, but this new Google-made product is not that cool. It something that would never expect from this world’s biggest tech giant. Apparently, Google is venturing into medical area with its new Smart Contact Lens project. A new device that makes the most of wearable technology to help people diabetes measure their glucose levels.

Sure, it wasn’t the amazing piece of technology everyone would want to wear in their eye. But this actually brings wearable technology to a whole new level. And yes, you can forget about Google Glass because this is way beyond making calls or taking a photo with a voice command. According to Google’s official announcement, this lens is capable of testing glucose levels in tears using its’ tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that has been carefully placed between two layers of soft contact lens material. The prototype version of this lens is said to be capable of generating a reading once per second.

Google-smart-lens-2(Photo Credit: VR-Zone)

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“It’s still early days for this technology, but we’ve completed multiple clinical research studies which are helping to refine our prototype. We hope this could someday lead to a new way for people with diabetes to manage their disease,”project co-founders, Brian Otis and Babak Parviz stated on the blog post.

Google is currently negotiating with FDA to get the approval to launch this product into markets. If Google succeeds in this venture, it will definitely ring a new trend in technology, something that will truly benefit all humans.

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