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Google Makes Over $1.7 Million In On The New Domain Extension .App in Just Early Access Fees Through Day 2

Posted on the 03 May 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains

.App is a new gTLD domain extension which Google (GOOG) paid $25 Million for in a ICANN auction. .APP closed the Sunrise period that was open to trademark holders with over 3,000 registration.

.App went into day 1 of the Early Access Program (EAP) on Tuesday allowing early registration of domains for a one time extra fee.  Fees as always very by registrar but day 1 pricing was around $12,000 for the EAP fee plus the cost of the domain.

Day 2 EAP dropped to over $3K plus the cost of the domain.

According to the zone file for .App there were 92 registrations on day 1 of EAP which is over $900,000 plus the cost of the domains.  Many of the better generic domains I checked on including one letter domains were priced over $2K for registration and renew at that same price every year which is in addition to the EAP fee

Day 2 the zone file as of noon today reflects 266 registrations, but I know its not complete because one of the domains I applied for on day 2, which I didn’t get, is still not in the zone file.

270 registrations at $3K EAP is over $800,000  plus the registration fees.

Day 3 of EAP started at Noon EST today

For the record none of these were registered by myself or Worldwide Media

Here are the more interesting day one registrations:

Here are the more interesting domain registrations from day 2:

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