Google Has Removed These Apps with Virus from Play Store, Has Been Downloaded Millions of Times

Posted on the 21 September 2019 by Harsh Sharma @harshsharma9619

If you use third-party apps to improve your photography and edit the clicked photos, then this news is essential for you too. Google has removed two popular third-party camera apps like Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera from its Play Store. In the guise of giving this app service, the users used to show pop-up ads forcefully. While these apps were earning a lot of money through these ads, on the other hand, it was causing great harm to the user’s smartphone.

Dangerous viruses deliver to phones

These apps run in the background. Due to always running in the background, they slow down the processing of the phone. Due to slow processing, the battery of the phone also consumes quickly. Mobile security firm Wandera has said that along with showing the app ads, they can also spread dangerous viruses in the phone. These two apps ask users for audio recording as well as many more permissions to work correctly.

1.5 million downloads

Both these malicious (app with the virus) are quite popular among users. Google recently removed both these adware apps from the Play Store. Users are also being advised that if they are using these apps, then immediately close them and uninstall the apps from the phone.

Many cases have also come up before

This is not the first case that Google has removed from the Play Store a few days after verifying. Recently the popular scanning app CamScanner was also removed from the Play Store. It was being said about this app that its latest version comes with the Malicious module. However, the right thing with this app is that its developers fixed this problem immediately. This app has again been made available on the Google Play Store.

Google has tightened the rules for publishing apps on the Play Store. Google has set an approval period of three days before Android apps are published on the Play Store. This means that now no one can create their app and publish it immediately on the Play Store. Google has taken this step for the privacy and security of users.

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