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Google Chrome v81 Showing Aw, Snap! Page with Error Code STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

Posted on the 04 May 2020 by Viney Dhiman @vineydhiman

It seems like a new issue surfaced Chrome browser as lots of users are reporting about Aw, Snap! page with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error code when they trying to open websites.

[Not Fixed] STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error in Google Chrome v81

According to various reports, users start seeing this Aw! Snap page with error code STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION after updating to Chrome v81.0.4044.92. As of writing this blog post, the reason is unclear what causing the issue.

Some users reported that they to fix the issue they have:

  • Refresh the page multiple times
  • Try to troubleshoot the issue by enable or disabling extensions
  • Reset the browser to default settings
  • Create a new user profile
  • Re-installed the browser

Some users even go to extent that they have re-installed Windows 10 in hope that going this will fix the issue, but failed to fix the problem.

Let’s check reported shared by various users on Google Support forum:

Google Chrome Status access violation error
Google Chrome Status access violation error
Google Chrome Status access violation error

While other reported same on reddit too:

Google Chrome Status access violation error

As per our knowledge, we don’t think Google is aware about the issue. The reason of concern is that it’s not clear what causing the issue Windows or Chrome update?

Some users also reporting about they seeing error code: STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH in Chrome v81

We will keep the eye on this issue and as soon as we get something, whether it’s a solution or patch from the company we will update it.

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