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Goodbye To My Little Artist Friends in Haiti

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Yesterday was Project HOPE Art's last day with the kids we'd been with all week, and so it was time to hang their art, share a meal together and then, sadly, say goodbye.
After spending an incredible two weeks in Haiti with the best team anyone could ask for (Jenni Ward, Melissa Schilling, and Julie Ulm), I'm at a loss to easily summarize my experience, and the emotional roller coaster that it provided. One of the definite highs was seeing kids continue to draw and weave and braid on the own, days after learning it with Jenni and I. A low would have to be face painting over scars on little arms and little legs. That caught me off guard.
But despite all that, and the fact that these kids don't even have a tiny fraction of what most children have in my neighborhood, they are a happy and boisterous and curious bunch that will greet you with smile and kiss that will melt your heart. In fact, just try to listen to them singing in the video below without smiling. 

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