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Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat on the Tennis Court

By Kselz @TennisFixation

I am proud to say that, when playing tennis, I sweat on court. A lot. So much that I have to make sure I've prepared myself in advance to deal with all of that sweat and to keep it from negatively impacting my game. Because if I don't, I can have sweat dripping in my eyes. I can lose my grip on my racket because of my sweaty hands. And, probably worst of all, my sweat-drenched outfit can cling to me in a very uncomfortable and unflattering way.

And I know a lot of players are just like me. A lot of us became wet, drippy, sweaty messes when we get out on court. So why do we sweat so much on court? And how can we make sure it doesn't negatively impact our game?

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat on the Tennis Court
Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat on the Tennis Court

Why We're Sweating It On Court

It turns out there are plenty of reasons to sweat on court and they're mostly good. We sweat so that our bodies can cool down. Sweating is how our bodies eliminate heat and bring down our core body temperature. The moisture produced by our sweat glands cools our bodies when it evaporates.

And there are lots of variations in how much each of us sweats. How much we sweat depends on our gender, the number of sweat glands we have, how hot and humid it is, how intensely we're exercising, how long we're exercising, and how anxious we feel.

Fit People Sweat More!

But all that sweat isn't a bad thing. The good news about sweat is that, if you find yourself sweating quicker and more profusely than everyone else on court, it might be a sign that you're actually more fit than other players. That's because tennis players, athletes and individuals who are aerobically fit are more efficient at releasing heat so they tend to sweat more and earlier in a workout than less fit individuals. As we become more fit, we're able to work harder and the ability to work harder also means we have the ability to generate a lot of heat in a very short period of time. We also have the endurance to exercise longer which means we can generate heat for a longer period of time. And if we're regularly spending time playing tennis in the heat and humidity, we'll sweat sooner and more profusely because our bodies will become heat-acclimated and better able to deal with heat. Bottom line - the fitter we get, the more sweat we're going to generate. So we need to be proud of all of that sweat!

Preparation For Perspiration

So how do we deal with all of our wonderful sweat and make sure that, no matter how wet we get, it doesn't negatively impact our tennis play?

For me, preparation is how I deal with perspiration. And I prepare by making sure I'm outfitted with the gear that is going to get me through my match without me ending up looking and feeling like a wet, sweaty mess. Here's a good look at what I'm toting on court to beat the heat:

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat on the Tennis Court

Step 1 - Sweat Proof Outfits

First, I dress appropriately. This means wearing sports apparel that wicks away moisture and doesn't get sticky-wet when I sweat. And, since "athleisure" wear is now a whole new category of clothing that I happen to love, its easy to find cute outfits that do the job of keep me comfortable, on trend and relatively sweat-free.

Step 2 - Sweat Proof Hat

Second, I always, always have a hat on. This is way crucial to my sweat-proofness. The right hat keeps any sweat from dripping into my eyes and keeps my often wet hair off of my face. For me, it's a moisture wicking cap that I can throw in the washing machine every week or so. For others, it's a visor or even a big floppy sun hat. Whatever you wear, make sure it keeps the sun out and the sweat off.

Step 3 - Sweat Absorbing Sweatbands

Third, I've taken to wearing sweatbands or wristbands for mopping up the sweat. This is something new for me. I just recently picked up the sweatband habit when I realized that wearing a sweatband is a lot like having a towel on court with me all of the time. And when I tried out these really adorable sweatbands from Wristpect, that sealed the deal for me. They have a huge selection of colors and designs. These are my favorites although I have to admit, I've already given one to one of my partners and have a feeling I may have to give out more.

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat on the Tennis Court

Step 4 - Hydration!

I'm always talking about the importance of hydration around here and that's why I always have my own water bottle and sports drink tablets on court. More hydration means more sweating means more cooling off. So it's good to drink up.

That's how I'm dealing with my on court sweat. Let me know what steps you're taking to stay calm and cool on court. Just leave a comment below.

And if you're interested in trying out some sweatbands for yourself, my friends at Wristpect (the sponsor for this post) have a great deal to offer to my Tennis Fixation followers. Just use the discount code FashionFix to get 15% off your first order with Wristpect all through the month of November. Click on the image below to go to Wristpect's website and use your discount code:

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat on the Tennis Court

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