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Good Evening Internet. My Name is Gordon Price and I Am a Geek. That is All You Need to Know So Far.

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Andrew Monks @mramonks
My good friend and owner of this blog asked me to write a post about my experiences with my Huawei g300 u8815 seeing as I have had it around a year, ( I think its just under a year ) however this for me was my second Android device, the first being a tf101 Asus Transformer. Before this I owned and loved an iPhone 3g for many years and at the time I wanted the 4s but refused to pay the contract or out right cost of that device because I don't feel the need to have a name on my products.That all lead to the G300, running ginger bread, 385mb of RAM and a Armv7 processor, I was not expecting much more than the 3g but +Andrew Monks  convinced me to give it a try. Once I had re purchased and installed my apps I was suitably impressed as for £116.00 including the unlock code from Vodafone there was nothing else that could come close. I was a happy boy with a shiny new exclusive phone, Win.So do I still have the same joy joy feeling about the cheapo phone? Easy answer. Yes. The first thing that really impressed me was the upgrade to ICS, which once I knew where to find all the info needed was a simple job and changed my view on android for good. It ran ICS like it was built for it, via a few different ROMs I have ended up dropping 4.2.2 jelly bean cyanogenmod experimental on there and the little cheapo  phone has reached its limits. Battery life is still good, but multi tasking, like sending a SMS and listening to music? Well as long as your not in a rush its fine....... This leads me to my quest over the next 5 weeks, what to replace it with? The budget will be £200 plus what ever the g300 gets on eBay. So let the search begin!! Good evening internet. My name is Gordon Price and I am a geek. That is all you need to know so far.

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