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Golf Course Deals With Frog Plague Of Biblical Proportions

By Petslady @petslady

Two years ago the news out of England was about the sharp decline in frog populations. This year if you end up at the East Horton Golf Club in Hampshire you might get a different view of the situation. Early each morning the greens keepers head out to the 17th green armed with brooms to clear away the hundreds of Common Grass FrogCommon Grass Frogfrogs that have gathered there overnight.

They take care to sweep the frogs out of the way to keep them from meeting an unpleasant fate when they go through the daily lawn mowing. The kindly greens keepers really don't want any of them to croak. 

The adorable amphibians are common grass frogs that come from a lake behind the 17. Running across them these days is par for the course, though they seem to have an early tee time and have usually cleared the green before the earliest duffers show up to play through. While the frogs can be seen throughout the course, they seem to favor the green closest to home.

The word around the clubhouse is that the wet spring in Hampshire created an ideal breeding season for the tiny creatures.  The greens keepers are not particularly bothered by them. After all, they understand that it isn't easy being green.

The frogs are decreasing in numbers though, as they mature and hop off in search of new horizons. 

Source: Paw Nation

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