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Going Down in Flames...and the GOP's Reluctance of an Iraq Talking Point!

Posted on the 18 May 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"Going down in Flames"! The 2016 Great Clown Show has begun, and it appears that the one taboo word in the GOP's playbook for 2016 is "Iraq".
TV Interview rounds can be savage, even on friendly grounds...and getting hit on Iraq by FoxNews, and followed by reviews, where at least one headline in the world will read; "another GOP Candidate goes down in Flames".  After 2 total disasters by 2 candidates in 2 interviews where the Iraq Issue was discussed, should that be telling sign? or an omen?...get your act together on the Iraq Issue! Marco Rubio? His expertise in Foreign Affairs starts and ends in or around 1959 Cuba, before or after his parents fled or left Cuba voluntarily, depending on who told him the story. But in Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio...common sense and understanding takes a back seat to what's most politically feasible...and 'there' is where as the saying goes; the shit hits the fan! admitting you were wrong sure sucks! and denying it makes you look like a big time fool!
How can you admit that it was your leader that Invaded another Nation where over 500,000 Iraqis and over 4,500 Americans died?...100,000s of wounded on all sides, and all just for Oil? And how can the Republican Party admit how Dick Cheney and his Haliburton's awarded Government Contracts, and the profits by exploiting and profiteering off the most vulnerable in a war-torn country? But, most of to explain the cost of the Iraq War? The US cost: For the grant bargain price of $2 Trillion with the opportunity of an increase up to $6 Trillion before the American Taxpayers are finally done paying the tab! Hard to admit when you screw up...a better a man or woman would!...but, you won't find a better man or woman in today's "New" Republican Party!
The Art of Political Stonewalling: The object if to avoid answering a question while gracefully getting away from the subject at hand, and hopefully changing the the case of these gentlemen, the deeper they dig into the subject of "Iraq", the harder it is to pull themselves out...they drown in their own BS!
Rand Paul's thoughts on Iraq? "important question" [for Mr. Bush and others to say whether] "it's a good idea to topple secular dictators, and what happens after we do" ..."I think when Hussein was toppled we got Chaos, and we still have chaos". OK, so we have chaos in Iraq, so? What's his thoughts of the Iraq War? Chaos?!?! So much for his Diplomatic and Foreign Policy expertise!
Jeb Bush's thoughts on Iraq? Already attacked on the Gay Issue...whether it's Honor among Brothers or Honor among Thieves...4 different answers until he finally thought, probably Iraq wasn't too good of an Idea after all? The "smart" Bush wimped out big time!
Marco Rubio's thought's on Iraq? "It was not a mistake", "It was not a mistake", "It was not a mistake"...after constant bombardment by FoxNews' Chris Wallace on his thoughts on why he thinks like that, out of Marco Antonio's own mouth; "I don't understand the question?" Don't expect much from this little man!
Astonishing to see the GOP trying to hide Dubya's Mission Unaccomplished! The Iraq War? You can run, but you can't hide anymore!... it was a Republican War from start to finish...and not one of the 16 or so wannabees wants to man up!
When Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio...who are the sanest looking clowns in the Clown Car, crash and burn? Look out for a wild and crazy ride from the Dumbos till 2016 Convention Time!!
Marco Rubio Struggles With Question on Iraq War - First Draft. Political News, Now. -

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