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Gohmert, Thoughts of a Drooling Idiot on the Colorado Mass Shooting

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Mikeb302000
Congressman Louis Gohmert rivals the worst of the right wing extremists who celebrate and exalt stupidity.
 He's in the running with any number of the extreme right who say stupid, factually challenged things. Gohmert has made some spectacularly ignorant and foolish comments in the past, including
his claims the CDC are going to become the jackbooted bacon police pounding on your door over your ill-considered dietary choices.
It would be funny if it weren't for the fact that even more foolish and ill-educated people keep electing the dufus; you know, those far right winger Texans who believe the Loch Ness Monster is real and demand that pseudo-fact in some of their textbooks.

So it should come as no surprise that Gohmert has outdone himself recently, joining our own spectacular embarrassment entry in the foolish, mean spirited fact-averse derby, Michele Bachmann, in calling for the McCarthy-ist witch hunt of Huma Abedin, along with some other right wing bigots, Lynn Westmoreland (who called the Obamas 'uppity', a typical Georgia racist), Trent Franks, an Arizona-style extremist who thinks Obama is pro-jihad and who wants to criminalize ALL abortion, and Thomas Rooney of Florida. But since Bachmann has drawn the most attention for that debacle, Gohmert has made an attempt to outdo Bachmann in tasteless, ill-considered, and just plain wrong stupid claims.
Here Gohmert goes, pulling ahead of our own Minnesota popsie air-headed Christian bigot Michele in the  right wing nut stupid AND prejudiced derby:

There is NO attack on Christian-Judeo beliefs.  This country is not Christian, or Jewish, or any other specific religion; we are a secular nation that includes equally ALL religions, and those who do not embrace any religion, both atheists and agnostics.
What Gohmert fails to note is that both of the mass killers he mentions here, McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing, and Breivik in Norway, were professed CHRISTIANS, attacking predominantly other Christians.  There are absolutely NO instances that I can find where someone with either an open OR a concealed carry permit who was actively armed at the time EVER stopped a mass shooting, including the armed police officer at the Columbine High School tragedy.
It resonates however to the same god loves guns, god wants me to shoot people, the Bible asserts a right to guns crowd that George Zimmerman was appealing to when in his recent Faux News interview he asserted that shooting an unarmed teen whom he provoked and stalked was 'God's plan'.
Apparently these religious zealots of guns and violence missed that key parts of the Bible that address loving your neighbor as you love yourself, or the quote from 1 Corinthians 13:13:
But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.
To round out the spewing forth of false accusations we have this:

The content of Breitbart's site that Gohmert mentions is so dishonest, so consistently ugly and hateful, that if used to mop up sewage, it would get the sewage dirty. What other news sources with greater integrity and professional standards reports is quite different from what Gohmert claims here.
First, Obama has consistently used the referenced $1.5 billion in aid as leverage. Back in 2011, Obama threatened to withdraw it if Mubarak didn't stop his persecution of protesters, and if he didn't genuinely reform his regime.
 In March of this year, some four months ago, the Guardian newspaper in the UK reported this about the current status of our aid to Egypt, which is ENTIRELY different than what Gohmert is claiming.
U.S. officials and lawmakers said Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has determined that it was in the U.S. national interest to allow $1.3 billion in military assistance to flow. She also certified that Egypt is meeting its obligations to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, which frees up an additional $200 million in economic aid, they said. A senior State Department official said the decisions "reflect our overarching goal: to maintain our strategic partnership with an Egypt made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy."
In the same article, from back in March, the Guardian noted this:
 While disappointed, Leahy urged Clinton to release the money in stages and make payments based on improvements in the situation in Egypt. Leahy is the chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees foreign aid and operations.
 So, no surprise, that is EXACTLY what Sec. State Clinton is doing -- providing the money, as Egypt demonstrates compliance, in small amounts.
The Daily Beast, just today, noted:
But the Brotherhood’s priorities are clear, and Morsi is a loyal Brotherhood member. The priority now is governing—and that means wrestling with the military and the judiciary, managing the economy, steering the transition process. It does not mean picking fights with Israel or the United States. The movement has managed carefully to find out what Western interlocutors needed to hear and then say the words it was asked—that it would honor Egypt’s international obligations and make no unilateral changes in the peace treaty with Israel.
Gohmert is an idiot; Gohmert is a hateful idiot who is an islamophobe, willing to launch an unjustified attack on people. We should be very wary and distrusting of anyone who uses religion to justify violence, and that includes people calling themselves Christians. I use the description 'calling themselves Christian' because their conduct and statements suggest they have failed to grasp the core beliefs of that religion.
This is true of Bachmann and Gohmert and their three stooges who signed the unconscionable letters trying to start an unjustified investigation into Huma Abedin, and it is true of Gohmert trying to blame a lack of what he considers Christian conformity for the mass shooting in Colorado. Hatred is what is behind such shootings, hatred and the inability to identify with others as like yourself.
 Fear and suspicion and false attribution of wrongs are behind mass shootings. Our gun culture is behind such shootings. People who contribute to suspicion and hatred, whether it is fear of Muslims, or fear of black teens in Hoodies, are responsible for senseless and utterly avoidable violence and tension. On an individual level, that means violence that results in murders; on an international level is means violence that results in war and massive bloodshed.
They differ in degree and scale, but not in their essence. Gohmert and Bachmann, Sean Hannity and Faux News and George Zimmerman are dangerous hate mongers in the name of religion. They should be repudiated, they should be disregarded, they should receive the contempt they so richly deserve.
Neither Bachmann or Gohmert should ever be allowed near political power in the future; Zimmerman should probably spend a good part of the near future of his life behind bars, and definitely never, ever be allowed to own a gun again, and never, ever be allowed to become a member of any kind of law enforcement entity.

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