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Godrej Shikakai Soap with Amla and Bringhraj Review

By Natasha Bhatt
Hello readers,The  other day being the curious cat I am spotted the Godrej Shikakai Soap which took me way back to my teenage days when I last tried this soap. Back then in the 90's we did not have a wide range of options and anything that seemed herbal/ayurvedic was a big thing back then. So I started using it back then before I got into the shampoo mode. Now it has been years and things have changed so much although I do feel some brands are going back into making soaps like these which some may term as shampoo bar. So nonetheless, now that I am a blogger since a decade I thought of giving it a try. In order to know my experience using this soap you need to keep on reading ☺
Godrej Shikakai Soap with Amla and Bringhraj Review
Price: Rs.30/- for 75g Available in every chemist shop and online too.You can check out  the product HERE
Godrej Shikakai Soap with Amla and Bringhraj Review
The soap does come in a simple paper wrapped packaging with a female model flaunting her long hair.. Lol! very typical Indian things I tell you. The soap is red in color and engraved with soap name. All other information is printed on the paper pack itself. All in all its very basic.
Godrej Shikakai Soap with Amla and Bringhraj Review
Now like I mentioned in the introduction I was curious about this soap and hence got it for nostalgic reasons. Also wanted to see if anything has changed. Before I tell  you anything let me mention that I do have fairly scanty hair with an oily scalp. The first time I used it I had to rub it hard on my scalp to be satisfied with the lather and make sure my scalp is cleansed properly. First impression was  that it did a decent job of cleansing  my scalp but wasn't giving me that clean feeling I am  used to using a  shampoo.I did notice my hair had some volume though. Also the soap has strong shikakai smell so ummm.. may not be liked by all.
Godrej Shikakai Soap with Amla and Bringhraj Review
The other time I did oil  my hair which I do like once in a month for obvious reasons you may know  by now and then used this soap on my hair. Even after using it twice my hair was oily and I felt  very annoyed the entire day so again had to wash my hair using the same soap and this time my head felt lighter and it did feel like the oil was gone from the scalp.
Based on my experience let me tell you that this soap works for people with a normal to dry scalp. It is a big NO for people with oily scalp like me, This also brings me to the point about natural ingredients and the whole Auyurvedic products fad. This soap definitely did not work for me and my scalp inspite of all the tempting ingredients.
MLWM Rating:2.5/5 (minus points coz it did not work for me)
I hope this review was helpful to all those of you reading... Have you tried the Godrej Shikakai soap before do let me know.
Until next time.. Take care & Stay Safe xoxoNATASHA
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