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God Magnified His Word Above All Else, Who is Andy Stanley to Subvert It?

By Elizabethprata @elizabethprata
I bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name for your steadfast love and your faithfulness, for you have exalted above all things your name and your word. (Psalm 138:2)
It's currently fashionable to dismiss the holy Word of God, AKA the Bible. It supposedly proves one's relevance to say that one desires a closer relationship with Jesus as opposed to studying holy writ. When the heretical novel called The Shack was published in 2008 it swept the Christian world, remaining at a number one bestselling spot for several years. In it, the author never pointed to God's word as sufficient and infallible. It rather undermined those concepts by insisting on personal revelation and denigrated the Bible as 'that old dusty King James" thing. The author scoffed at the idea that God has spoken authoritatively and sufficiently through the Bible. He points away from Scripture he points towards subjective promptings and leadings. (source).
The subtle mocking and scoffing of the Word of God, so delicately put in a thinly disguised new age treatise in 2008, is by now in 2016 a full-blown attack by a leading and influential Southern Baptist Minister. The salvos have just kept coming, prompting pastor, author, and podcaster Justin Peters and Pastor Jim Osman to take note. Peters said on his podcast Friday on World View Weekend, that
A friend of mine sent me a video interview of Andy Stanley by Russell Moore. Moore asked Stanley what he would do if he were the "Evangelical Pope." Stanley had some rather surprising remedies for what ails the Christian church. I'm joined in studio (my office) by my friend and pastor Jim Osman and we play the clip and discuss.
In the clip, Stanley said that he would ask pastors of all kinds (senior, youth, seminarians, etc) to "get the spotlight off the Bible and back on the resurrection. Let's get people's attention back on Jesus as soon as possible. To leverage the authority we have in the resurrection, as opposed to scripture."
Matthew Henry said, of the Psalm 138:2 verse, that the LORD'S name and His Word is above all things-
For thou hast magnified thy word (thy promise, which is truth) above all thy name. God has made himself known to us in many ways in creation and providence, but most clearly by his word. The judgments of his mouth are magnified even above those of his hand, and greater things are done by them. The wonders of grace exceed the wonders of nature; and what is discovered of God by revelation is much greater than what is discovered by reason.
As a practical matter for us today in living our Christian lives, do not compromise on your life and always remember the Lord God Himself magnified His word and His Name above all else. Here is John MacArthur on the fact that our God is an uncompromising God who expects of His disciples, An Uncompromising Life
It might be well to remind ourselves at the very beginning that God is the uncompromising God. God never compromises an absolute. God never compromises a principle. God never sets aside a truth for expediency purposes. God always lives according to His word. In fact, He said, "I have exalted My word above all My name." In other words, He says, "I Myself, as to My nature, make Myself submissive to My word."

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