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Global Patient from the Middle East Was Treated Best Hospital for Heart Surgery in New Delhi Gives Him Liberty from His Heart Issues

By Allyson3james

Global Patient from the Middle East was treated Best Hospital for Heart Surgery in New Delhi gives him liberty from his heart issuesMy name is Arshad Al Bhaskar, I am from UAE. I was recently in India and got treated in one of the one of the Best Hospital for Heart Surgery in New Delhi. I am pleased with the treatment result I have got in India all thanks to my medical tourism company, which proved me a great helping hand for me. I was diagnosed with an ailment in my heart and these were on the verge of getting dysfunctional. All I knew that I would now need a cardiac surgery but to get it done in my country (UAE) was next to an impossible venture due to high cost. I am glad that I got the best man for this job that came in the form of a medical tourism company. As time passed away, my doctor suggested me a surgery which was not possible to get in Dubai or other cities in the UAE. This made me plan my surgery outside my nation perhaps in India.

I knew that Indian hospitals are among the top clinics and are known to offer the best of the healthcare services. By consulting the medical tourism company as suggested by my doctor, I knew that I would be treated in one of the Best Hospital for Heart Surgery in New Delhi. Hence once I got their contact details, I started my communication and went on to do things as per the whims and fancies of the group. I shared my medical reports and other details to finally embark upon the best of the package for the cardiac surgery along with getting things done right on time. I finally headed to apply for my medical visa and soon I got the same considering the medical emergency.

The very next moment, I was in Delhi and was received by the rep of the company. The company rep then led me to the hotel and then to the doctor who is associated with top heart hospitals in India. I was impressed after meeting the doctor who had huge experience and expertise in this field in giving some of the best of the healthcare services in heart care. He is known to have linked with top hospitals and clinics and has been dealing with a wide range of cardiac surgeries and cardiac care. So, I came to know that I was in a safe hand and would be treated the best. The first thing I had to do was to consider a couple of medical tests so that my doctor can get an idea about my medical conditions. As the reports came, everything seemed normal and I was all ready to have my surgery done at one of the cardiac hospitals in the city.

The day for the surgery soon dawned at me and I was there looking to get the best of the healthcare services. The surgery was done with care and professionalism once I reached the OT. It went smooth and gave me the best results, which offered me the best of the healthcare services. As time passed, I was wondering I started recovering in the general ward once I was monitored for a while to see the stability of my health conditions. Slowly and steadily things worked in a perfect direction and I got the discharge to see things working smoothly for me. I am really obliged to my doctor who treated me in India along with the Medical Tourism Company that helped me to move along with security and with great ease.  I thank you, my doctor and the medical tourism company that helped me in getting rid of my cardiac issues with the best cardiac care.

Arshad Al Bhaskar,

Thank You.

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