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Glamorous Cleaning for the Domestic Goddess in You! A Bizzybee Review

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
One of the reasons I will always remain an "aspiring" Domestic Goddess is because I actually don't like to clean my house at all. Yet, when I do it, I do it amazingly well (thanks, Mom!). Last week we were due to have an inspection of the house that we're renting and like any DG, I wanted the house to shine and smell like freshly baked cookies (or bread).
It did, let me tell you. It was serendipitous that I was offered the opportunity to review bizzybee gloves and cloths and that I received them just a few days before the inspection. I was a cleaning maniac!
Glamorous Cleaning for the Domestic Goddess in You! A Bizzybee Review
I chose the gloves from their elegance line. Cleaning is such a drab task, you just have to liven it up a bit! I choose music (Pat Benatar's a favorite) and cute gear. The gloves (pictured above) fall just below the elbow, which is key to keep my entire arm dry when I'm digging deep in a sink full of dishes. Plus, they're nice and grippy so things don't slip out of your hands while you're washing. 
The beauty of the products that I chose was that they allowed me to go straight through room to room without stopping, with just a few cloths in my apron pocket (psst bizzybee - add an apron line!). 
The 3 cloths are from the bizzybee microfibre cleaning kit. The blue cloth, peeking out from under the others, is for glass; the green is brilliant for spray-free dusting; and the purple worked wonders on the walls (especially the one next to the children's breakfast and craft table!).  
The line is excellent quality and quite affordable. It's washable, so you can use, wash and use it again. Overall, I'm very pleased with my bizzybee products and definitely recommend them!
What's your favorite cleaning tool?
*** I received these items for review purposes. All opinions are my own!

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