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Give All The Family A Restful Night With These Super Snoozy Sleep Solutions

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Everybody struggles with sleep sometimes. But some families can suffer more than others. Children can easily wake up in the night. They might need a drink or the bathroom. Quite often, they’ve had a vivid dream, and it has upset them. The first place they go is to their parent’s bedroom. Then the whole family is awake! It can take quite a while for your little ones to settle again. And then it’s probably time for you to get up and prepare the breakfasts. No wonder parents are so tired!

So why do we struggle so much, and what can we do about it? Adults can suffer a lot of sleeping problems. Those that are overweight may be prone to fluctuations in their blood sugar in the night. This can lead to feeling too hot and sweaty. Some people also suffer from sleep apnea. The most common symptom of this serious condition is snoring. That means it will affect your sleeping partner as well. Not only are you both tired, but it can put a strain on your relationship.


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Trouble with falling asleep? A busy mind can certainly keep you awake for longer. Try to jot everything down on paper that might be on your mind before bedtime. Perhaps you could try some meditation to help clear your thoughts and relax? It’s not just stress and anxiety that can keep your mind from resting. As we prepare for bed, hormonal changes occur, and the blood chemistry of the brain alters. It is thought that the blue frequency in the light emitted by mobile devices can delay this from happening.

If you’re waking up tossing and turning, then your bed may not be as comfortable as it should be. There are lots of new types of mattresses on the market now. Gel and memory foam mattresses are designed to support your posture no matter what size and shape you are. If your newborn is restless in the night, they may also be uncomfortable. They’re just not as good at rolling around to change their position as we are. You can find out more about mattress options for your tiny tots by reading Naturepedic Mattress reviews online. It’s important they are in a room that is at the optimal temperature for sleep, whatever the time of day.


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It’s thought that teenagers have trouble falling asleep before 10 pm. Getting up in the morning is then tough because their body clock is different than ours. In some countries, this has been recognized as a barrier to good education, so school starts and ends later in the day. Of course, this may not be practical where you live, so it’s important to find ways to help your teen unwind early enough to wake up in time for school. Avoiding all stimulants like sugar and caffeine can help. Regular outdoor exercise and reduced screen time are thought to be helpful too.

One of the best ways to prepare the body and mind for sleep is to use a strict bedtime routine. It is thought this can be very soothing for children in particular. Start with some quieter activities after dinner. A little reading will give you a chance to snuggle up to the kids too. A warm bath is also a good idea for children and adults. When you get out of the bath, the body temperature drops, and the body reacts by making you feel sleepy and relaxed.

Bedtime stories are very important for children. They might want to read along, or just lay there and enjoy conjuring up their own mental imagery for the story. After some cuddles, they should be ready to drop off to sleep. By sticking strictly to the same routine and format every night, your little one will know what is expected of them. It should also help reduce the instances of them getting up and trying to get your attention for more fun and games! You may have to be persistent and consistent in putting them straight back to their bed. Parenting requires so much patience!


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While you’re busy adjusting your lifestyle and bedtime routines, you might spare a thought for the design of each bedroom too. Color is important to consider. Recently, a lot of vibrant colors and geometric patterns have been trending. But these may not be doing much to help you relax while you’re laying in bed. Opt for more muted tones. Soft blues and greens can be very calming. Avoid stark contrasts, and try to position mirrors, so they don’t catch your eye when you’re in bed.

Quilt covers should be the right weight for your comfort. If it’s too heavy, you may wake up feeling uncomfortable. And if it’s too light you might feel cold later in the night. You could experiment with different colors. Of course, we all seem to feel like the bed is fresher when the linen is white. Try not to pile up too many cushions when you sleep. It can affect the neck and back, making you achy in the morning

Drapes soften any room. But in a bedroom, they have another important function. They can block out those drafts that blow across your skin causing you to wake up. And they also block out the light from outside. It may be the street lights or the passing car headlights that wake you. Black out drapes can stop this from happening so you can stay asleep all night long. They don’t have to be dark in color either. Many lighter shades and patterned drapes now come with the extra lining to prevent the light getting through. Try them in every room.

Good quality sleep is so important for all the family. Even if you live alone, you can improve the amount of sleep you get with just a few of these tips. Best of all, you’ll feel healthier and happier for the rest. Don’t forget to avoid coffee in the evenings! What do you do to ensure a restful night of sleep? Sleep well.

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