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Girls: Waste of Timei Know My Blogs Are Global , but This...

By Globio @globiio
girls: waste of time

i know my blogs are global , but this includulge guys more then girls. know why?
coz' , its about them . this blogpost contain content collected from guys from the different parts of
the world . dont tell any one but some aliens were also there beside me giving me there views on alien
girls . girl problem is universal , much more then the truth that earth revolve sun.
do you have a girl friend ? dude take my words ,
you have made the worst mistake of your life if you gonna make her important to your life.
god created every thing on this earth very planned and beautiful in its own way.
female the best of them , belive me if you got attracted, you falling in the deepest pit of the
planet earth.
you may be thinking m a girl hater . you absolutely wrong my pal, i am a apreciater by nature or
you can say by natural instinct. i apreciate every creation of this universe, from galaxies to the way
we design a brick. so i dont hate any thing including girls. but there are things that dont deserve
concentration or attraction much more then a level of limits. girls should be your priority in
following the above virtual law of universe.
you know what is the universal truth more then the girls , you cant understand them. wow!! so true ,
even einstine got goosebums when i asked him about his theory on girls. funny but the moral behind
is important if you wanna lead a happy life. this dosnt mean that having girls in life is bad. simple pal
no girls with guys ment an end to next generation. god never create any thing nonresonable. but falling in
afair or love before marrying a girl can be dangerous to your life .
girls are like virus, they dont have a destination they initiate in the direction its easy to move further.
and if you trust them you making the biggest mistae of your life time. dont belive me, ask your seniors
in the field. never trust a female and you will face 75% less problem you have to. try it, it works!!!
all the major wars in our history is dew to a female . but every successful me had hand of a woman in his success
, true , but what about those dont successeed . you successeed because they poke so much that you have to work
hard, and you dont successeed because of the poking . so they belive in the average ratio. if a girl/women satisfy
the level of love you want, belive me they will result in same amount of grief.
but guys are mad , totally mad about them. hah !! they help needlessly girls , when the helps goes right the smile
with a thnx , behind which they have a cruel intension.and when ever it goes wrong they got angry, stop talking
and responding to us. by this i remember the best and most universal thing a boy say to his so called lover girl
"baby are you angry" i doubt did they say so much baby to his child.
there is another law of girls they are never wrong, may be foolish,idiot,stupid,stuburn,reckless,cruel, etc but never
if i continue writing the post will never end, there is so much i  can share about girls , but the matter of fact is this
that i dont know any  thing about them, i doubt they do or not. ending with a true short story of a man who suffered
an accident called the girl....
"once a guy went to the police and complaint about a girl who hited him while he was doing shit, the officer asked
why he was doing shit in the middle of road , he must have went to the field near by, the guy replied he was in field only.
so friends beware of this desiese ,it can kill.

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