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'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Blog Hop!

By Selane @SummerEllenLane
'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Blog Hop!
My heroines usually have an attitude. I’m not saying that their attitudes are bad, I’m just saying that they are a lot cooler and edgier than I am in real life. Which is why I love writing them into existence. For the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Blog Hop (hosted by Victoria Smith and Jaycee DeLorenzo)  my heroine is a hardcore chick from a post-apocalyptic world. Her name is Willow. Her best buddy is a girl named Maria, and together they run around, try to stay alive, kick tin cans down the street, fall in love with dangerous dudes and so forth. Ya know. The basics.
Willow is pretty young, but she’s had a tough life so she has a hardened edge that some female protagonists don’t have. I picture her looking a little like this: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Blog Hop!
Maria kind of looks like this:'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' Blog Hop!
Very cool! Okay, on to the interview. For this blog hop, Maria will interview Willow. Let us begin...
Maria: I have this thing about not asking personal questions. But for you, I’m going to do it anyway because I pretty much know every personal thing about you. Like that tattoo you got when we were in – Willow: Can you just get to the interview, please? M: Fine. Question numero uno: how would you describe your hero? W: Like, my ideal imaginary hero, or my real-life hero?M: Real life, stupid. W: Oh. I would say he’s incredibly arrogant, self-absorbed and lacking virtue or morality. But he’s a good guy deep down inside. M: * stares blankly * I really hope he doesn’t see this interview.W: Don’t worry, he will. M: What you forgot to mention is that he’s incredibly hot. W: Don’t say that! The last thing I want him to think is that I’m infatuated. M: Oh. You’re not?W: Shut up.
M: Question two: what’s the best date you ever had? W: I’ve never been on a date. M: What? No way!W: Um, yes way. Where was I going to go on a date? This is post-apocalypticNorth America. It’s not like we could go hang out at TGI Friday’s. M: Good point, but can’t you remember a romantic encounter that you had? W: * smiles cryptically * Maybe. There was this one time that Gavin and I climbed to the roof of the aquarium on Santa Monica Pier…that was nice. M: Your dates are so boring. I’m literally rusting over just listening to you. W: Hey, you asked. M: My mistake.
M: Question three: what’s your biggest date horror story? W: Oh, that’s a better question. Remember how I said that the best date I ever had was on top of the aquarium with Gavin? It was also the worst date. We had the bad luck of running into some rabid nomads on the pier and I ended up taking a plunge in the water. M: But Gavin saved you, right? Prince Charming couldn’t just let you drown.W: Well, I’m alive, aren’t I? M: That's debatable. * slaps Willow's hand away * Okay, okay. Yeah. W: I learned a lesson that day: never visit a pier without scuba gear.M: Your attempts to be humorous are making me gag. W: Stick your head out the window and breathe deep. M: I hate you. W: I love you, too.
M: Last question: What is one thing you believe can tell a lot about a person? W: Their eyes. I’m telling you, their eyes say everything. M: Yeah? What are my eyes saying?W: * peers closer * I don’t think you want to know. M: Again, your humor sucks. W: At least I’m trying to be lighthearted. M: Too bad trying and doing are two completely different things.
And as for a song that I best believes conveys Willow as a character and a heroine, check out this song. It's called Ache by James Carrington, and it's one of many, many songs that I love for Willow. Thanks, lovelies! Have a great Friday!

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