Gifts for the Bride & Groom to Exchange on Wedding Ceremony

Posted on the 11 November 2019 by The Wedding Cards Online @theweddingcards

People love to get presents, didn’t you? What will be your reaction when your partner comes with an amazing gift for you on your wedding ceremony. Just like your beautiful wedding invitation surprised your partner, again surprise him by giving a unique and creative present. Let us remind you that you have one more gift to buy. Order a beautiful memorable gift that reflects your love. Don’t take stress, they’ll love whatever you gift them. Think about your partner choose and likings and then decide what to give him. This gift will be special for your partner because you will give him on your special day. To help you pick out the perfect gift for your love, we’ve come up with some amazing gift ideas.

Groom to the bride:

Beautiful jewelry

Jewelry is the kind of thing a woman can never dislike. Make her day more special by gifting unique and beautiful jewelry. You can choose bracelets, rings, necklaces, and a pair of earrings for your Mrs. Jewelry will be the best present for her, especially when you put some romantic thoughts into it.

Anything that says Mrs or wifey on it

You’ll find a coffee mug, jewelry, T-shirt, frames and many more. Make your bride feel her new life and new tag of relation. Make her comfortable about her new life by giving this present. Of course, your bride will be nervous at the wedding ceremony day so let her know you are with her always. This way is also good to welcome her in your life by saying her your wifey and Mrs.

Hidden stitches

Your bride will be going to surprise when she goes for a dress-up. Hide some romantic thoughts and make her feel more special by stitching some heart, your wedding date, love notes and whatever she likes. Make her feel your love and presence in her new life.

A message on her shoes or accessories

Let’s do something unique and creative, steal her shoes or accessories to write something sentimental. Instead of buying something new, make her things more special by adding your love on her things. That will be very surprising for her when she will use or wear her shoes and accessories and see your lovely thoughts on them.

Little things throughout the day

By giving little things can often make a beautiful impact on her. Let’s start from a beautiful morning send her flowers, candy, sweet texts and many more that make her morning more beautiful. She’s going to be feeling stressed, nervous, excited and tired and so many other emotions and you know better what she preferred to reduce her stress or emotions. Then do not think more just give her those things by which she feels good.

Video message

She’ll absolutely love this DIY gift. Nothing is better for your relationship than this video message. Make a video of your special and romantic moments, also add a romantic song which your fiance like most. Make her day more special and remind her of your lovely moments.

Hand-written letters

Women love gifts more that made by love and your creativity. Write a letter to her and this will be an easy and precious gift. Share your feelings with her and let her know you think about her. Save your money and let your fiance know how much you love her.

Bride to groom:

A DIY scrapbook

Create a scrapbook filled with beautiful memories. Add photos, notes, movie stubs, plane tickets and anything else that tells your special love story. You can also add his family or friend’s pictures. You can also add some beautiful wordings to the scrapbook that your groom will love. Do not messed-up things otherwise it will not look that much good.

A watch

Get him that stylish timepiece that he always wanted. Watches are a very common gift but you can customize it by attaching an amazing note on it. You can add “ see you at 7:00 pm” or “don’t be late your bride is waiting for you” and you can also add a picture of you and your partner on the inside of the watch. Choose a watch that will also match with his wedding ceremony outfit.

Customized black book

Did you want to make him blush? Have a romantic photoshoot and get out the prints in a black book. This way is great to remind him about your amazing photoshoot.


Tasty premium cigars make an amazing present for a wedding groom’s gift. There are easily available of cigars sets in a variety of brands, as well as humidor gifts sets and cigar accessories. Give him an excuse to sit back and relax before the wedding celebration.

Hidden stitches

Want to surprise him? Just steal his necktie or shirt and stitch something amazing and sweet inside of his shirt collar or back of his tie. You can stitch something on his wedding outfits so that he will be surprised when he will go for dress up. You can write some special wordings for him by a thread and can also stitching some heart, wedding date and many more according to his choice.

A new signature scent

A signature scent serves as a beautiful personal scent memory to your groom. Start your new bonding with gifting a fragrance. Buy them a fresh bottle of cologne or perfume. The smell will remind him of you always.

Sports gear

Are you looking for something unique? What about their favorite team t-shirt with his new last name. You can use Mr. and Mrs. tag also.

Choreographed dance

Let’s go with some romantic ideas why not go with a dance performance. Give him a surprise by dancing on his favorite songs.

Start your new life by gifting some things that will be memorable for him. Make your moment more special with these gift ideas and put a smile on his/her face. Welcome him in your life with love and these amazing presents that add an extra specialty to the wedding day. Also, tell us which gift idea you like for you Mr. or Mrs.? what was his/her reaction? Through your precious comments.

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