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Get Your FREE Copy of Caterer's Top Secrets: My New eBook

By Carlo @CarloAtYourServ

Get Your FREE Copy of Caterer's Top Secrets: My New eBook Finally! Caterer's Top Secrets, the eBook report is ready and available for download. All you have to do is sign up for the Cater-Hater newsletter and you'll get instant access to it. 

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It's free, so all it costs is a second or two of your time; to download.

Over the last few months, active readers of Cater-Hater have learned that I've been fervently writing a lot new material, although I haven't released anything for public consumption until now. And because money is tight for a lot of people, I thought it would make sense to start by giving my eBook away; for FREE.
Free works pretty well, don'tcha think?
Your goodwill, attention, and willingness to check it out is certainly worth giving you a free eBook, for you to read and share.
So, you don't owe me a thing. 
But if you know someone totally clueless about hiring a caterer (your best friend who is planning her wedding, your mom who wants to throw your dad a big birthday bash, or maybe a co-worker who's been placed at the helm of navigating their way through the upcoming holiday season company Christmas party [who are all people who could probably really use the information]), pass it on.
It's a short read, so if you're reading a few books right now - Caterer's Top Secrets will be quick and easy to get through. I intentionally wrote it that way to get you into the head (mindset) of a caterer - fast, also considering that you probably aren't thinking like they're thinking -- while giving you the answers, to know how to deal with caterer's challenges that can negatively affect you as a customer.
After you read it, give it away.
If you forward this message to 10 people (and tweet it), you could be saving ten people unforeseen "caterer issues" which of course means that you've done something nice for someone. 
Because you've saved someone money and heartache, you've probably made them smile, too. So you know they'll remember that it was you giving them an eBook "hiring a caterer, heads up". 
So if there's little voice in the back of your mind saying: Why don't you forward it later? Or, why should you share this with people? Let them figure it out!... remember the old adage, "You can attract more flies with honey, than with vinegar" and send it to someone right now. Use me (my eBook, rather) to do something for yourself, if nothing else.
I'm just happy to oblige.
Be sure to write a Caterer's Top Secrets review! 
Tell me what I missed (my mind seems like it's about the size of a gnats these days, so I could really use the help!).
I'll come back and go through the comments and put it on my "must do" list.
I appreciate you for helping me out and for sharing your wisdom!
With love... thank you for keeping me inspired and encouraged,
Get Your FREE Copy of Caterer's Top Secrets: My New eBook

“Skepticism doesn't help you hear.” - Seth Godin 

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