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Get Thicker, Fuller & Healthier Hair with Deyga Hair Strengthening Combo

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

A hair is the crown of our head and it makes us look smart and young.  However, many factors like sedentary lifestyle, stress, dietary habits, pollution lead to hair fall problems. To add more, hair color, chemical treatments, hair dyes, hair styling tools further damage the strands.

During my medical college days, my hair was quite thin and now it’s fuller which helps to boost my confidence. Those who had seen me during my medical college time, when they meet me now, often ask me what treatment and care I took to get this voluminous hair.

So I thought why not share my experience with my readers too and the reasons which promoted my hair growth. Hope it will help you to achieve lustrous and healthier hair.

But before we start, let’s know the causes for hair fall.

Get Thicker, Fuller & Healthier Hair with Deyga Hair Strengthening Combo
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Yes, you should know why you are having hair loss because mane matters, and the exact cause will help to diminish hair woes.

The reason for my hair thinning was studying stress and improper dietary habits.  Damn! I wasted my younger days stressing about studies rather than managing study and myself. Please if you are a sincere student, don’t neglect your health and look. 

Do focus on everything and give time to yourself. So that when you look back you are happy to see yourself shine! Esp. when everyone now has a smartphone.

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Oh! Enough of me now, let’s read the causes.

1. Hormones

One of the common causes of hair fall seen in women. The abnormal levels of androgens or thyroid hormones or PCOS or childbirth can lead to hair loss.

2. Infection like fungal infection.

3. Heredity

Again plays a major role in hair fall. If you have a family history of hair loss, then that could be a cause of your hair fall problems.

4. Alopecia Areata

It is an auto-immune disease in which hair fall occurs due to unknown reasons.

5. Stress

I already told you how it affected my hair. Stress is not good at all for anything and any disease.

6. Lifestyle

Get Thicker, Fuller & Healthier Hair with Deyga Hair Strengthening Combo

Sedentary lifestyle, smoking, sleep deprivation affects the functions of the body and imbalances the hormones.

7. Medication

Certain medications for heart problems, high BP, diabetes, cancer, thyroid, and depression can cause hair fall. Consult your doctor accordingly.

8. Dietary habits & Nutritional deficiency

If you are not having a balanced diet or missing your meals or following a strict crash diet that can cause hair thinning as your body & hair is not getting the required dose of nutrition such as vitamins, proteins, etc.

9. Hair-styling

Using heating tools to style your hair or tight hairstyles can weaken your hair follicles.

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Now the next thing is to treat the cause.  Improving lifestyle and diet, less stress, and fewer hairstyling tools can reduce hair loss and protect your mane.

My hair got improved when my friends and family kept poking me to look after myself. I started having proper meals and avoided taking unnecessary stress. Within a few months, my crown which was lifeless and flat started shining bit by bit.

Now coming back to the present ‘ME” my tresses is good but due to repeated hair color treatments which I can’t avoid (aging to be blamed), my strands have become dull and dry.

Therefore, I started using hair care products that are chemical-free and made up of natural ingredients. 

Deyga hair strengthening combo which includes Hair growth oil & hair serum is formulated with a concoction of various oils rich in nutrients that helps in reducing frizz and breakage, making the hair stronger and healthier.

1) Deyga Hair Growth Oil

It is enriched with the goodness of pure natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil & grapeseed oil. It also has two potent ingredients such as Hibiscus & Fenugreek that promote healthy hair growth.


  • Promote stronger, thicker & healthier hair
  • Make hair smoother & shinier
  • hair root applicator
  • Coconut aroma

It comes with a hair root applicator making it easy and less messy to apply the oil directly on the scalp and hair roots. I like it because I don’t need to rely on anyone to oil my hair. Isn’t it?

This oil has a coconut aroma and I apply it at night before washing my hair the next day. Sometimes I keep it for 2 days because I want my hair to get nourished and protected.

2)  Deyga Hair Serum

This hair serum is infused with pure 100% organic argan oil and other essential oils which help in reducing damage and stimulating hair growth.


  • Reduces dryness
  • Soothes and calms the scalp
  • Gold liquid

I liked the aroma of this serum as it is very soothing and relaxing. It is easy to apply, just take some liquid serum in the filler, drop it on the scalp or hair shaft and let the serum penetrate in.

After hair wash, I apply the serum on the lengths of my damp hair to detangle and tame frizz. It reduced the dryness of my hair and added a shine.  If you have dry & damaged hair after hair color treatments, then make sure to use hair serum in your hair care routine.

My husband also uses this hair serum by applying it directly to the scalp. His main purpose is to reduce dryness and hair fall. As he has recently started using this serum, so we need to wait and watch for a month. I will update this post later.

Price of Deyga Hair Strengthening Combo

Rs 1299. Yes, the price is a tad bit high, but as the products are organic and handmade, it doesn’t pinch.


This combo is a must for everyone to have healthy, glossy, and voluminous hair. It is natural and free from additives making it worth the buy.

So do try out yourself and see. But be patient, don’t expect magic instantly. Your crown didn’t fade right away; it took months & years, so same way it will take some months to again see the crown shining.

Just make sure to follow a proper diet & lifestyle along with a good hair care routine.  I shared my story and if I could achieve healthy hair, then anyone can.

If still the hair problems persist, then you are smart enough to figure out that there are some other issues and you should consult your doctor.


Get Thicker, Fuller & Healthier Hair with Deyga Hair Strengthening Combo


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