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Get Mad! The Power of Embracing the Angry Black Woman Within

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

This post is for the black women who are TIRED…

Tired of giving their voice and power away to systemic racism and bigotry…

Tired of people-pleasing just to keep the peace…

Tired of acquiescing…tired of having their freedom of speech shut down and not being heard…

In other words, you’ve had enough.

Maybe you’re dealing with relationship(s) that don’t serve you well…

Or you’re looking back over your life and realizing you’re not where you belong…

And you feel ANGER…and then maybe you feel anger for being angry?

But what frustrates you most of all is that you wake up and realize…

It’s all your fault.

The injustices you’ve endured at the hands of others… the moments you were abused and misused…misunderstood…and treated less than the goddess that you are…

“At the end of the day” it’s what you allow in your life and what you allow to continue that disempower you.

I had to learn this lesson for myself.  I experienced a lot of pain and anger from situations, but when I saw that I was the one who was allowing these hurtful experiences into my life, everything changed.

Look back over your life and see all the ways you:

Allowed someone to disrespect you

Hid or disowned your greatest self for fear of what others (who probably dislike you regardless) would think

Said yes when you should have said no…or said no when you should have said yes.

Shrunk yourself or became subservient to win the approval of others.

The anger you feel tells you that you’ve betrayed the Great Goddess Queen that lives in you.

But don’t make the mistake in judging your anger… FEEL IT!  Get mad!!!  Give yourself the permission to be an angry black woman!


The only way you can heal and transmute anger is to FEEL IT!

One of the many powers you have as a goddess, as a woman, is SACRED RAGE AND TRANSFORMATION. When ignited, it inspires you to rise and claim your power so you can move beyond your fears, self-criticism, obstacles, and comfort zone. 

Sacred rage gives you the spiritual strength to reclaim your Sovereign Queen and take command of your life.  It’s the anger you feel when you’re tired of living in a box OR being boxed in by others.  It’s the anger that motivates you to breakthrough your own self-oppression and fly.

What else does anger tell you?

Sacred rage has an even deeper message for you…

A message that’s not so secret, but no one ever thinks about.

Sacred Rage is your inner goddess’ way of telling you that YOU ARE OFF PURPOSE!

Yes!  When you’re not on your soul’s path, your inner goddess (or higher self/soul) uses challenges to push you back onto your path so you can become who you came here to be.

Taking back your power means claiming 100% responsibility for your life.  Part of claiming responsibility for your life is to fulfill your number one priority, which is activating and aligning with your divine purpose.


The whole reason you exist is to become who and what you are meant to be here on earth, to give the gifts you were created to give, and leave here empty.  You have a special role to fulfill, and when you don’t, life has a way of letting you know.

Through chaos, your life falling apart, experiencing power struggles, money woes, relationship issues, chronic stress, and the list goes on…

Through sacred rage, you gain the power to stand up and take responsibility for your life so that you can experience the greatness of your purpose.

So that you can reign and rule as the goddess queen you’re meant to be.

It’s not blasphemy or crazy to believe you have a throne and a queendom that’s your own here on earth…you are a divine being who has a divine inheritance…a birthright…your throne!

Sacred Rage moves you out of stagnation…the safety zone…and into a life of miracles, power, and abundance.

Into a life of purpose…

So if you are ready to end the struggle…take full responsibility for your life and become the Queen you’re meant to be…in charge and on purpose, then join me Thursday, December 28th for my webinar, “Activate Your Queen D.N.A.: Discover Your Life Purpose so You Can Reclaim Your Throne and Live Life On Your Terms”.

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In this powerful webinar, you will learn:

Why you experience certain situations in your life

The three different parts of your purpose and why they matter

How you can reclaim command of your life and live it your way

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To Your Regal Magnificence, 

Get Mad! The Power of Embracing the Angry Black Woman Within

Pamela Brown

The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach & Fierce Warrioress

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