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Get a Free Copy of Raymond Esposito’s You and Me Against the World!

Posted on the 07 August 2013 by Flyboysteve87 @antifilmschool
CREEPERS ebook copy

Free and just in time for the Halloween Season…

You and Me against the World -Book 1 in the Creepers Saga – has new cover art and in celebration, the ebook edition is being offered for free for a limited time. To get your free copy of the zombie-esque apocalypse just go to Smashwords and enter the coupon code - JQ54R at check out.

From the back of the book~

The devastating virus has brought an evolution, humanity’s end draws near, and all hope rests on a group of young survivors who search for safety while searching themselves for the people they never had the chance to be and discovering that…

There are things worse than death.

Dr. Russell Thorn is thrust into this new world without warning as the Creepers – the zombie-like victims of the virus – lay siege to his home. He searches desperately for escape amidst the chilling revelation that the Creepers are changing…growing more intelligent…evolving.

Thorn’s rescue by a group of young survivors starts him on a desperate quest to find the last safe place on earth. But the Creepers are not the only things standing on their path to safety. It is a road filled with horror, where the survivors will discover the limits of their own humanity and the costs of love, loyalty, and hope in a new dead world.

Reviews for You and Me against the World ~

Fans of the horror genre will not be disappointed by the philosophical questions Esposito mixes in with the blood and gore. These are questions we all must ask ourselves, whether or not we are being chased by zombies. Esposito expertly mixes descriptive scenes illustrating the post-infection devastation, flashbacks that reveal intriguing details and dialog between characters that moves the story along quickly. - 5 out of 5 Stars – Sacramento Review

Mr. Esposito dreams up a tense, gory, and fresh spin on the zombie genre while barely stopping to take a breath. He puts the reader through the ringer with white-knuckle suspense and leaves us all wanting to see what comes next in the massive and wildly creative trilogy. - Steve Habrat of Anti-film School

You and Me, Against the World is a chilling tale that zombie fans will love. The action starts on the first page and never lets up. The story is filled with non-stop twists as the group of survivors battles the Creepers and dangers they never imagined in a thrill-packed, blood-chilling adventure. - Misti Pyles of the Examiner

Get your print copy ~

If you prefer a print copy visit my Create Space store (https://www.createspace.com/4065788) and enter code KSZ8ZGNF for 40% off or enter for a chance to win a free copy at Goodreads.

Raymond Esposito

Author of The Creepers Saga

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