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"German Farmer Digs up Monster 8ft Potato That Was So Big It Made 400 Portions of Fish and Chips"

Posted on the 02 August 2013 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
From The Daily MailThis farmer will be enjoying chip suppers for weeks after finding an enormous 8ft potato big enough to make 400 portions of fish and chips.  It took Christian Johannsen, 45, and two other men almost five hours to dig up the mighty 428lb catch in Brandenburg near the Baltic coast, which Mr Johannsen described as being 'the size of a door'. As he left for his latest harvesting trip the German farmer's wife had told him to be sure to bring home a chip supper, said Mr Johannsen.  "I thought my spade had struck the ground at first because there was so much resistance," Mr Johannsen said. "I tried to dislodge it and after a few seconds I realised the ground was moving... After about 20 minutes it began to come loose and that's when the hard work started.  "My back was bent at 90 degrees and we had to work for over four hours to bring it to the surface. By that time my arms were burning and I was covered in sweat. When it came to the surface it was about the size of a door."

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