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George Zimmerman is No Hero, but He Does Appear to Be a First Class FRAUD

Posted on the 25 July 2013 by Doggone
I was not the only person who was highly skeptical when the news report came out about George Zimmerman coming to the rescue of a family of four trapped in a flaming car crash.
Here's what turns out to be closer to the truth: there was a car crash, it was reported via 911 calls to the Sanford PD, to which a Sanford Police officer by the name of Patrick Rehder responded --- AFTER apparently calling George Zimmerman, only a mile away at his home in the complex where he shot Trayvon Martin, telling him to come to the crash.  Even without the call from police buddy Rehder, it appears Zimmerman had a police scanner he was monitoring for such an opportunity to exploit someone else's crisis.
It does NOT appear that the story that George Zimmerman just happened to be driving by, leaped out of his car, and rescued the family is true.
It DOES appear that there was plenty of help from other people pulling out the family from their car lying on it's side in the median, right when it happened, and well before Zimmerman showed up, looking for a situation to exploit to redeem his tarnished image.
In other words, Zimmerman being there was a fake, a fraud, DISHONEST and STAGED.  He was not a hero.
It is not a surprise that the Gerstle family does not want to be part of a press conference to thank faux-hero George Zimmerman for coming to the rescue, NOT because of fear of threats, but because they don't want to be a part of Zimmerman and his co-conspirator Rehder's fraud.

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