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George Osborne – Struggling to Keep Control of the British Economy.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Today George Osborne becomes the star of British politics, the one day of the year that the Chancellor of the Exchequer (or if you are reading this article outside the UK the finance minister) takes the lead role over and above of the Prime Minister, for today is budget day. This is the day when the UK finances for the next year are in focus, taxes adjusted and benefits and borrowing limits are set. The UK economy is in trouble and Osborne is under pressure to guide it in the right direction.

George is a rather reserved Sun sign Gemini in a restrictive conjunction to Saturn. He was born on 23rd May 1971 in Paddington, London (no birth-time) and at 39 years of age is the youngest man in recent history to hold such a high office of state. You would expect a Gemini to be quite confident and a bit of  a chatterbox, but that Saturn limits his communication making George not the greatest and most powerful of speakers. As well as that Gemini Sun, which is conservative in nature (with this aspect he could never have been a liberal !), George has 4 planets in steady as you go, rather stubborn Taurus. Taurus is associated with money, creating and building and it no surprise that this is where he was always destined to end up working with finance. As well as Saturn in Taurus, we also have the Moon with Mercury and Venus in close conjunction. The Moon here is very deliberate, he will not rush into any decisions, but once he has made his mind up, he will not budge. Mercury/Venus shows an ability to work with people, he will be very good in one to one dealings and it gives the art of a bit of a showman, able to create a bit of theatre. He will rather enjoy standing up in front of Parliament and delivering the budget speech.


Mars is sitting in humanitarian Aquarius square the Mercury/Venus conjunction and trine to Uranus. Again this confirms George as a team player able to discuss and work out the details together, but once all the decisions have collectively been made, he will want to spearhead the projects himself. He will be interested in new unconventional ideas and improving social conditions, new technology will also interest him greatly. George will have a very sharp mind especially with respect to finance and also a very sharp temper; he will not suffer fools gladly. In his more private moments, George will be the one who made the first move on any romantic meeting and his relationships will be very important to him, he will be very loyal and to him, his wife will seem like his own personal possession.

The charts main pattern is a wedge with Pluto at the point. Pluto connects outwardly to a Sun/Saturn opposite Jupiter/Neptune aspect. Neptune opposite the Sun weakens the personality and Neptune opposite Saturn often weakens the health. It also causes a conflict between your beliefs and spirituality and the actual needs of the real world. Does George follow his beliefs or adapt himself to what is happening in the markets? Often he will consider changing course causing himself confusion, however in the end I believe his emotions will win over logic, the stubbornness of  the Moon says he doesn’t adapt his strategy. This stubbornness may eventually cost him dear, as those in high finance have to have the ability to adapt and mould their ideas with the world markets and the changing circumstances of the day. One thing for sure is that George will believe in the dream (Neptune) of free (Jupiter) market finance (Saturn/Sun) so long as he can control the limits (Pluto). Pluto is in detail obsessed Pluto, so his control will be carefully planned and implemented.

Right now, George has transiting Neptune squaring his Sun/Saturn Jupiter/Neptune opposition. This is confusing, deflating and reducing his confidence. He may well try to hoodwink the British public into believing the economy is in better shape than it is, a dangerous ploy as the public often see through such deception. He may also have some radical ideas this time to adjust the UK budget, as transiting Uranus just into Aries is trine the same opposition and Solar Arc Uranus squares it too. With inflation and unemployment still rising and growth still stagnant, Mr Osborne needs to pull some financial rabbits out of the hat.

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