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George Lucas – The “Star Wars” Director Who Revolutionised the Film Industry.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

George Lucas

It was announced yesterday that George Lucas was selling his company Lucasfilm to Disney, a multi billion dollar sale which includes the rights to the Star Wars films as well as Indiana Jones, projects that George has has sole rights to since his first Star Wars film in 1977. He is still going to be a “creative consultant” to Disney and a very rich one at that. He says that it felt right to move on right now, and looking at the astrology, he was correct with his decision.

LucasGeorge natal

George was born on 14th May 1944 at 05.40am in Modesto, California. He is a Sun sign Taurean with a futuristic Aquarian Moon and a Taurean Ascendant. George has more planets in air signs than any other, so he is a communicator and with 6 planet in fixed signs he is very determined and patient, able to see a project through to completion, but is also likely to be very stubborn. Taurus is the sign of the builder and the maker, and George’s very Taurean chart encouraged him to construct and create for his comfort and his future. With the Sun in the 1st house and Moon in his 10th, he was always going to do things his way and be his own boss. You probably couldn’t find a more independently work placed combination than the main personal planets in the 1st (personal) and 10th (career and public status) houses, especially as the Moon is in Aquarius, which likes to go off and do it’s own thing. The mix of Taurus and Aquarius shows a need for detachment from a team effort, and the Aquarian influence obviously lends itself to an interest in space, technology and this influence has a very experimental feel. George in his work in making Star Wars helped innovation in special effects and brought a revolution in film-making to the screen. George had plenty of ambition with Capricorn ruling his Midheaven, and the fixed nature of the chart as well as having a business savvy Midheaven helped him keep the merchandising under his control and with it the financial key to his future empire.

That 10th house Moon in Aquarius with all the experimental genius is a big cornerstone of this chart. Aspects fan out from it to a Venus Mercury conjunction in his 12th house in Taurus. Here is a conjunction of a designer, a writer or creator, one with ideals and inspiration and vistas of beauty with no limits to hold them back. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are his creations, his visions and it is noticeable that even through the sale he kept the creative link to future projects, from behind the scenes as the 12th house suggests. The Moon makes a trine to Uranus in the 1st house, another space and scientific link. Here George would be uninhibited in his way of working and would always want to push back the barriers of film-making, indeed even if you told him how to do something he probably wouldn’t listen to you.

The quindecile to Mars in Cancer in 3rd house from the Moon shows that George would be very, very irritable and moody, prone to very changeable and probably extremely difficult to put up with sometimes. This Mars is not very aggressive in a physical manner, except in defending his family or his team of workers if there were criticised or attacked in any way. It is very pro-active in sales and communication, and this Mars shows where George was very cute and clever in the way the films were marketed. Interestingly, George’s other passion is owning cars, and Mars in the 3rd house of transportation quindecile to the Moon shows this obsession and emotional attachment very clearly.

The Moon makes oppositions to Pluto and Jupiter in his 4th house, and this opposition squares that inspirational Mercury Venus conjunction. You can see how George wanted to keep an iron grip and control (Pluto) over his creations and designs (Mercury Venus) and his work (Moon in 10th) while keeping everything “in house” (4th house). George always had international visions about his work (Jupiter opposite Moon) and with this Jupiter in Leo square to his Taurean Sun, he is a proud man, one who would want to be famous, well known and one with a wonderful sense of drama. George is and will be the eternal optimist, and through the bad times when he was trying to gain the finance in the early years to make Star Wars, he would never have given up the hope that one day his dreams would become reality.

Those financial fears would have been based around Saturn in Gemini in the 2nd house which doubts one’s self-confidence and self worth, and worries that one is not intelligent enough and does not have enough money. This fear forces you to study and to work hard, and the hard work and graft over the years have proved worth it to George, as he is now 4 billion dollars better off. Any links to Saturn, especially ones forming tension aspects often show the career path one will take, and Saturn’s square to Neptune in the 6th house of everyday routine is a perfect link to his profession as a film-maker. Neptune rules film, imagination, dreams and fantasy and all of these elements were integral to George’s everyday routine. This is a also a very philosophical aspect, where one will ponder and explore one’s beliefs in great detail. Faith and the battle between good and evil is an integral part of the story line of most of his films and something I suggest that George pondered and fought over in his own mind for a long time.

Neptune makes a trine to Uranus, the perfect aspect for a science fiction movie director and this aspect indicates that Lucas was also ahead in the development of sound technology for films. Neptune Uranus describes the vastness of the cosmos, the creation of new visions, hopes and even religions. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and Uranus innovates and brings fresh ideas. I think only someone with such a Neptune Uranus aspect could have come up with an iconic tagline like “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. This trine makes a mini grand trine onto Pluto so these ideas have a dark side, a link to destruction and resurrection, to control and to the search for the truth, the unexplained and the unknown. You can see through my interpretation that George threw his whole being and life into his work and his art.

LucasGeorge transits

Right now three things to look at. George’s Midheaven ruler Saturn is now square to his Nodal axis and was previously in the past month square to his Midheaven showing a change in his career and a turning point in his life coming in quick succession. Contacts to your Nodes make you reconsider life, and an offer may have come in from Disney that he could not refuse. Jupiter ruling his 8th house of shared assets and investments is now on the cusp of his 2nd house, so George is now gaining financially from his own possessions, and he is now the 2nd biggest shareholder in Disney. Pluto the planet of control, transformation and change is now at the point of a virtual Yod, making inconjunct aspects to his 1st house Uranus and it’s own position. George may have understood that for his future visions to be fully realised, he would need the financial clout of the Disney Corporation and to relinquish his overall control (Pluto) to utilize the extra technological expertise (Uranus) that their Pixar division, previously an off-shoot of Lucasfilm could bring.

Personally as a science-fiction film fan and a lover of the original films, I felt that the last 3 episodes lacked the magic of the first trilogy and seemed stale in comparison. I hope that through his decision, the Star Wars series will now live on and find fresh inspiration for a new brand new generation.

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