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Geeking Out Over The Bloody Legacy Of VHS

By Gerard @presurfer
Geeking Out Over The Bloody Legacy Of VHSimage credit: Groink cc
Slowly but surely, underground film aficionados are returning to the golden age of home cinema, resurrecting an archaic device most have consigned to the trash heap. All these film fans want is a good old-fashioned VCR.
Recently Collectors Weekly spoke to Dan Kinem who, with Levi Peretic, has released a documentary called 'Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector.' For their film, the pair interviewed more than 100 VHS collectors, many of whom are unrepentant fans of the horror genre. What they learned is that often the poor quality of the tapes, versus the hi-def clarity of digital media, is a big part of the appeal.
(thanks Ben)

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