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Gaza Produce to Make It Directly to Haredi Supermarket Shelves

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Srugim is reporting that for the first time in 8 years the border to gaza has been opened to allow Gazan produce into Israel for sale.
This year is Shmitta, and 8 years ago was the last Shmitta.
According to Srugim, the shipment of produce included 27 ton of tomatoes and 5.5 ton of eggplant, with more shipments expected to be allowed into Israel today and in the coming days.
The authorization was given, supposedly, to allow the produce into the Haredi market. The Haredi market does not use Hetter Mechira produce and prefers non-Jewish produce, even if it comes from Hamas,
Obviously, another reason is to provide a boost to the Palestinian economy in Gaza. Economic peace, and all that, as well as humanitarian gestures.
Theoretically this could also be considered "Yevul Chul" - meaning, produce from abroad. Some are of the opinion that Gaza does not have the status of halachic Israel. This produce, which some people who prefer Yevul Nochri or Yevul Chul might not want but will unwittingly buy as it is going to be mixed in with all the other yevul nochri and yevul chul produce.
Until now Gaza-based produce could only make it into the Israeli markets in a roundabout way - it had to first go to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and then get shipped into Israel as Palestinian West Bank produce. Now, they will have direct access to the Israeli markets.

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