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Gay Marriage is Now Legal & Easy for Foreigners

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Just last month in Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, the mayor of Buenos Aires, approved gay marriage for foreigners. Now any foreign couple visiting the city can come get married with just a valid passport, something that was previously not allowed.

gay marriage 2 300x195 Gay Marriage for Foreigners in Buenos Aires

If you have yet to hear, back in 2010 gay marriange and adoption was legalized in Argentina by the National Congress allowing same sex couples to marry. It was a groundbreaking decision as Argentina was the first (and continuous to be the only) country in Latin America that has legalized gay marriage. Other countries, like Brazil, have civil unions, but none have taken the final step towards marriage equality.

This was a great success for those in the LGBT community, but it was required that at least one person in the couple needed to be an Argentine citizen or at least have residency here. This meant that unless you had a local Argentine boyfriend or girlfriend, gay marriage was not a possibility for our international visitors. The recent announcement by Macri has officially changed this so now any foreign gay couple can make getting married part of their Buenos Aires experience.

gay marriage 300x200 Gay Marriage for Foreigners in Buenos Aires

From my research, the only requirement is that it takes up to 5 days to request an official marriage certificate to get married and you have to present documentation that proves your residence in your home country. This is also only true for the city of Buenos Aires as it is a federal decree rather than a national law.

It is becoming more and more common for same sex couples to consummate their relationship by traveling to a country where gay marriage is legal. A “destination wedding” is all the rave as many times you can already be in the country where you honeymoon takes place. Previously, popular countries for destination same sex weddings were the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada, but now we can add Argentina to the list. Where else can you learn Spanish, dance tango and then get married to your same-sex partner?

Hopefully this will spread to the rest of the world, but for now feel free to come get married in Argentina and while you are at it, study some Spanish icon wink Gay Marriage for Foreigners in Buenos Aires .

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