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Gay Marriage Goes Global – Dialectic Two Step

By Andrew Furst @a_furst

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A social media connection from Russia recently posted the following.  It’s interesting to hear the debate about gay marriage go global and enlightening to see that it looks very similar everywhere. His English is not great so I tried to respectfully summarize his position and respond to it.

Statement: Although gay marriage has become a reality in America. For me, I don’t welcome it in Russia.

You are a creature and not the Creator. If you object to or you have a suggestion for a system of justice, put your objection to the Creator and not to the state. Of course if you are an atheist, this will be meaningless to you, but it is my conviction that gay marriage is out of synch with the natural order and will lead to absurdities like dogs and cats marrying.

It’s my opinion that homosexuality is a psychological problem and should be treated as such.

Response: Perhaps being a Buddhist I might be a de facto atheist and, as you suggested this might seem meaningless to me. But I feel compelled to speak. I do hold that there is sacredness in everything and a natural order which cannot be denied.  On the sacredness, it applies to all of creation, as it is.  This includes mass murderers and saints; janitors and kings; men and women; frail and broken people; and people who are homosexuals.  It is also true that the state has a monopoly on violence in order to maintain order. Natural law also calls for it to be applied judiciously in order to accommodate the interests of the many while not sink into despotism.  A line that the state should be careful not to cross. Revolutions are started in these conditions.

The state has an interest in stopping and punishing murderers, as their actions are detrimental to others.  The state has an interest in punishing thieves, rapists, and so on, for the same reason.

There is no harm done by consensual homosexuality and therefore there should be no state interest in…
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Unfortunately, there are many arcane laws that apply a state’s interest in ways that are extremely dubious, because the harm to others is based on religious dogma (harm to God?) rather than harm to a person. The state is not obligated nor capable of defending, much less speaking for God. The state and it’s justice rely on and are maintained by human effort.

A state’s progress can be measured by a decrease in violence and improvements in human rights.  In other words progress is a movement to a more secular society. Successful states have abandoned the prescriptions of the Hebrew Scriptures, The Bible, or the Quran, but vigorously support religious liberty.

consider whether you actually have an interest in what's going on in the house next to you
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Laws against homosexuality fit in the category of the arcane.  There is no harm done by consensual homosexuality and therefore there should be no state interest in regulating it.  Further, religious liberty should allow you to forgo a homosexual relationship or marriage. Imagine the cries of tyranny if states allowed only homosexual marriage.

I will not throw eggs at your house.  But I suggest that you and by extension the state consider whether you actually have an interest in what’s going on in the house next to you.  I believe you and your fellow Russian citizens have experienced a sufficient amount of burdensome state intrusion into your lives.

Dialectic Two-Step  is an ongoing series of my thoughts on questions that come my way.

Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two. - Octavio

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