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Gary Oldman – Hopefully on the Way to Receive the Recognition He Deserves.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

gary oldman

Quiet, unassuming & superbly talented, Gary Oldman stars in the critically acclaimed Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which hits the UK cinemas this week. Although he has always been lauded as one of the best actors of his generation, Gary has yet even to be nominated for an Oscar. This I believe this anomaly is about to change.

Born in London on 21st March 1956 at 10.46am, Gary is a Sun Sign Aries with a Cancerian Ascendant and Moon. Here we have the need to always be secure, to protect oneself and yet the Sun’s energy is pushing one to be at the top of the tree. We have a clash of fire and water and with so much water around, the fiery enthusiasm which you would normally expect to find with an Aries Sun is dampened down. Gary is very wary of the environment he will be in, and he will put up barriers preventing others in getting through to the real person, an emotional, moody and very sensitive guy. This is an intensely very private man we are dealing with.


We find the Sun in the 10th house with Mercury. Gary’s career and status will be hugely important to him and his work will often come first ahead of his personal life. This is a very powerful Sun in Aries as the urge to best the best he can be will be incredibly strong. Mercury also sits in the 10th in Pisces conjunct to the Midheaven. Immediately we think of creative speech. Mercury in Pisces thinks and communicates poetically in a non-linear fashion. Combined with a Piscean Midheaven, ruled by Neptune the planet of creation, acting & film, Gary was destined to have an artistic career  from birth. Just to confirm this assumption, natal Neptune sits in the creative 5th house.

Moving back to the Sun, we find it as part of a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. Grand trines act as a closed circuit, something we fall back on when all around us is not as it should be. It is also a stream of talented energy, a place where things come easily to you. This grand trine involves Gary’s work and public role (the Sun in Aries in the 10th), Saturn in Sagittarius in the creative 5th house and independent, quirky Uranus in Cancer in the 1st. Saturn in the 5th shows that Gary is very serious about his creative talent. There is the sense that this is someone who will work very, very hard to perfect every role he does to achieve international fame. Saturn is retrograde as ever indicating that the love of his father was severely missing during his formative years. It is known that he had a drinking problem and was violent and abusive. The Sun representing the father receiving the trines from severe Saturn and reckless, unpredictable Uranus accurately portrays a man who was likely to go off the rails. Gary’s parents split when he was 7 years of age.

The third leg of the grand trine is Uranus in the 1st. Uranus here confers a strong independent streak and the need to be a little bit different. It also brings a link to technology. Gary is noted for providing the voices on many popular video games. Uranus is conjunct to the Moon also in the first house which really softens the personality. Gary will be a gentle soul, who will very quietly and in an unassuming manner want to do his own thing & be his own man. The Moon is very protective of his family in it’s home sign of Cancer and with Scorpio intercepted in the 5th house of children, Gary will keep his children firmly out of the limelight.

Capricorn sits on the cusp of the 7th house of permanent relationships with Mars right on the descendant. This is a very difficult combination. Saturn ruling any part of the 7th house always shows difficulties in marriage and Mars attracts Gary to strong feisty women with home he will do battle. With critical Virgo on the cusp of his 4th house of the home, one can imagine that his home life will really trouble him. Mars in Capricorn is very tied into one’s work commitments and I am sure that this has also got in the way of lasting happiness. As such, Gary is already now onto his 4th marriage.

Mars makes a mini grand trine with Mercury and Venus in Taurus in the 11th house. This is a very creative formation, full of colour and artistry. Gary will be a very confident speaker and will have tact and a fun sense of humour. Friend and associations will be of utmost importance to him & he will enjoy the company of others, of wining, dining and entertaining. Venus makes a focused quindecile to Neptune. Here is a link to music. Taurus where Venus sits is the most musical of all the zodiac signs, and even though Gary gave up his piano studies to concentrate on acting, he still retains a love of playing and has quoted that he would have preferred to have been a musician rather than an actor. Neptune makes a square to Uranus and a rather disruptive inconjunct aspect to his Sun, indicating a lack of discipline with regard to escapist tendencies. So many creative people suffer from drug and alcohol problems as Neptune rules all of these qualities. Gary has been down the rehabilitation road, following in the footsteps of his father, but claims to have beaten his addiction to alcohol.

Finally I concentrate on Pluto and Jupiter which sit in the 3rd house of communication and the mind. As a combination, these two planets will bring financial and business success, as well as bring Gary a fair amount of luck often just when he needs it. Pluto in the 3rd house gives him a very penetrating mind and powerful communication skills. He will want to dive under the surface of any situation to get to the motivating factors, one of the reasons he is such a powerful character actor. Jupiter in the 3rd gives a great love of learning and of teaching. Gary I suspect would think of nothing in helping his colleagues along in any aspect of acting or any other area where he had expertise to help them along. Gary will love travel and being able to explore the world, something he has been lucky enough to do through his acting career. This conjunction makes a square to Saturn. He will have a tenacious edge to his character, someone who once he sets his mind on a course of action will not be swayed from it until he has achieved his aims and goals. He will stick to his guns and not compromise his principles, a worthy aim to be sure and the adoration and achievements that his Aries Sun craves finally I believe will be vindicated this winter.

Moving the transits on to award giving time in February 2012 put Gary firmly in the running to receive honours for his work this time. By 26th February, Gary’s North Node will have returned to it’s natal position and transiting Saturn will be conjunct his natal Neptune which rules his Midheaven. Finally after a long wait (typical of Saturn), Gary will I believe recognition for the work he has done. Conversely transiting Neptune will be square to natal Saturn and trine to it’s natal position, possibly indicating the culmination of a dream. Transiting Jupiter will be on that day exactly conjunct his progressed Midheaven in the 11th house of associations, signifying success in my eyes conferred by the Academy. The Moon and Venus on that day will also be in the 11th house making a confident and lucky trine to his natal Jupiter. If it is not the actual best actor prize, which I think is very possible seeing the positive nature of the heavens in February next year, then I believe that Gary will be getting at the very least a best actor nomination for his role of George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. For all his wonderful career so far, it is the very least I think that his talent deserves.

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